Anyone heard any buzz over Brute Force?

I'm kind of hoping this turns out good. There hasen't been a game on the Xbox I've wanted since Spinter Cell last Nov. It's starting to suck! Anyone hear anything about this from E3?

Well, MS usually gets their games out in advance for early reviews but I haven''t seen anything so far. Not sure if that''s a bad thing or not really. I expect we''ll hear some impressions by Tuesday when the game ships.

As for buzz I don''t know. The coverage has been mostly positive but that could just be te preview effect.

I haven''t heard anything about the game. I don''t think I saw it at E3 when I walked around...

Guess I''ll be waiting a few days for the reviews. I had planned to make a blind purchase here and buy it the day it came out, but I''m having second thoughts.

Well an assload of preview copies hit the press Pre-E3, check all the big sites, they have hands on previews. All of them were quite positive.

If it is really good I will be upset. Why? I just sold my Xbox (after proclaiming I would be console only last year) and now I am totally back into PC gaming. I have a new machine and some decent games to play (for the first time alas): Vice City, Morrowind, Kohan, Generals and my new Gameboy SP. I looked ahead into the Xbox release lineup for this year and I realized I only wanted one game for it (KOTOR) and that is coming on PC.