I am looking at upgrading my video card, would this be wise?

I currently have a Radeon 9000(non-pro) and I want a little more "umph" for Generals and Morrowind. My XP is running at 1750mhz and I have 512 PC 2700 ram so is this card going to add a nice improvement?


I was just looking at that chart. That UT2K3 one scares me. The difference is huge.

It''ll help and you can overclock those mofo''s until the cows come home and ask you for a glass of water at midnight during the full moon on Tuesday.

I would maybe take a look at getting the 128 meg ddr version. 64 megs will still have you sharing memory with your PC''s ram quite a bit.

I would also take a look at getting another 512 megs of ram for the pc as well. It may help you with the latest games coming out.

Both of these things shouldn''t run you much more money and the improvments should be noticable.

I think the only game I would need 128mb version for (this year) would be Doom 3 (not interested in at all). As for more system ram I will be tempted as soon as the hyper-x PC 2700 hits about $60

Actually, I''d wait a little and pick up a DX9 compliant card when the prices come down a little. That way you''re all set for later this year to get some Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 love.