The Hulk Video err... SMASH!

Check this out, it's kind of a run down of the origin of the Incredible Hulk and it features some stuff from Stan Lee among others. Very cool!

WOW. Now I really can''t wait for the movie to come out.

Been a big fan of The Hulk for years now. I just hope they have a ""Hulk SMASH"" line in the movie

I didn''t bother playing the demo as I don''t really like Cell Shading, though after watching a bit of it in that promo I am gonna go and check it out now.

Thanks for the heads up Certis.
Now all we need is a Hulk emoticon

Cool little snippet.

Hey Certis, have you seen Stan Lee''s Mutants, Monsters, and Marvels ? Stan Lee has some awesome stories to tell, and you get a better understanding of the ""early"" days.

This just happened to remind me of it. If anyone here has even a remote intrest in comics or their characters, you should definately see this DVD.

That Stan Lee DVD is included with the super-mega fancy edition of the Spider-Man DVD, in case someone doesn''t have Spidey yet and wants to see both.