Breed Demo = Not so good

Just finished playing the Breed demo and talk about lost potential.

Graphics: The graphics engine is decent enough. It does what it needs to do and you can see objects far away, no real performance problems on my GF3. It just doesn't do anything to help my jaw hit the floor. I had a few glitches with textures but I will let that pass on account of it being a beta.
Score: 8/10

So with a solid foundation like that they seemed to have gotten everything else wrong.

Sound: First off, the voice acting was so bad it wasn't funny. The guns sound pretty lame, some of the effects are passable, but generally not that crash hot all around. There are some effects that are so poor I could make better noises with my mouth. Also the demo lacked any sort of soundtrack, yes its a beta demo, but this really hurt the experience.
Score: 3/10

Gameplay: Well this is where Breed really goes wrong. It's just wrong. Your team seems to move at a snails pace, the AI is so bad that teammates can get themselves killed walking off a cliff into the water. The enemy AI comes straight at you, I don't think they even move from side to side. When you run your view moves from side to side and it's just plain anoying.
Score: 2/10

Summary: Don't bother downloading the demo, god it was so bad it shouldn't have been released. If this is anything to go by, the full version will be terrible. Wait for PC Halo.

Id have to second the voice acting, it was atrocious. It mortally wounded any hope I had when starting the demo. Then the head bob was very wrong, my neck must have been made of taffy. I didn''t keep going the entire way though, so maybe it got better. I stopped playing when I got a squad.

Ya if the demo is any kind of representation of the final product, then we got ourselves a serious turd here.

Gameplay was just atrocious.

what worries me is that they said some months ago they were close to a public demo. Now they come up with a demo that has beta all over it. What happened inbetween all these months?
Also it seems more and more that they are preparing this title more for xbox than for pc and if the final release is anywhere near the quality of the demo they stand no chance to compete with halo xbox nor with halo pc.
Really sad, I was looking forward to this title. But as they mark this demo beta there is still hope, isn''t it?

P.S. the headbob was not funny anymore.

A small followup on the demo. This is from the official breed site:

""Because of the slight delay to the release of the demo, the planned retail release dates for BREED have been pushed back by two weeks. The German release is scheduled for the beginning of July and the UK / US release date is currently the end of August. ""

Bringing that into perspective I fear we won''t see much change with the VOs nor with the headbob until the game''s release :(.

These people must be insane. That headbob has to be one of the worst things I have ever seen in a FPS.

And to think they took EXTRA time to create it.
Perhaps they think they are bringing a level of realism to FPS''s that they think is missing.

God its coming out in JULY?!

This is headed for disaster, they need much more then a month to polish this turd.

Must I repeat myself?!?!? A turd is a turd no matter how much you try and polish it