Balticon 37

This past winter I went to a benefit auction for my neighborhood. One of the items in the silent auction was a pair of tickets to Baltimore's huge science fiction convention, Balticon. Nobody had bid on the item, and I hated to see anything go to waste, so I named my price. I had forgotten that I won the tickets until last night when I suddenly realized that Balticon was taking place this weekend! I've never been to a sci fi con before. I used to go to comic conventions as a kid so I know what I'm likely to find. However, I was reading through the list of events in this handy pocket guide and realized I may be way out of my league here. I'm determined to go, though I don't have a costume. I'm bringing my digital camera so I can capture some of the memories for you.

And if you're in or near Baltimore this weekend, shoot me an e-mail and maybe we can meet at the con. I'll be the one looking startled and confused in the corner. Balticon forever!

Sway, I demand a full accounting with pictures. In fact, you should probably just planning on putting it up on the front page.

Yes, I''d love to hear about it! I noticed Call of Cthulhu is listed under the game so check that out for sure.

heh, I once went to a Star Trek convention, just to see what it was like. I feel I can now make fun of them, knowing full well the extent to which some people express their enthusiasm. I can only imagine what thats going to be like.

As an aside, when I was at the Trek convention, Jonathan Franks (Ryker) was one of the speakers. During Q & A I stood up and asked if he was the one playing sax on a Phish album (which had credited him with playing....this was more a Phish trivia quest, then a Trek one, mind you). He just looked at me for a second then waved me back into my seat without answering. There was alot of mumbling in the conference room, and my at the time girlfriend leaned over and whispered ""How does it feel making an ass out of yourself in front of all *these* people?""

Sweet a Lego building contest!

I''d be all over that! Legos are my Female Doggo!