It's official, I'm dying!!!

Well I can officially say I'm dying! After trying to fit into some of my summer clothes about three weeks ago and nearly popping off a button, I decided to weigh myself and found out I had gained 17 lbs. since January.

So I've been on a diet and working out like a maniac the last three weeks and I'm doing great, lost back 13 of those damn pounds and toned down quite a bit, but I haven't had a beer, a potato chip, a slice of pizza, a taco, not a damn thing in three weeks and I feel like I'm ready to crack.

God, how do people stick with these things for any length of time? This is the first time I've ever had to go on a diet, and it's murder. Everywhere I look I see food!

Have any of you ever tried dietary supplements of any kind? Anything to help. I want to get the last few pounds off, but I'm ready to snap and just go on an eating binge.

.......want a beer soooo bad.....

My spastic tendancies usually burn off energy faster then I can inhale it. I feel bad for ya, pizza and beer is damn good. But hey, good for you and keep it up...fatty.

Yeah, nice work there tubby. If you need something tasty that doesn''t pack on the pounds try dehydrated fruit and the like.

If that doesn''t do it for you a few ""light"" baked chips of some kind probably wouldn''t kill you.

I still use the exercise clothes I used to wear when I capped out at 200 pounds and they barely fit at my new weight of 140 to 150.


Wow you should like eat something Rat Boy.

Oh wait 150 lbs Rat is rather large!

When I was at my heaviest I was 270 and eating stuff like McDonalds 2-3 times a day. Big meals too like a Double Quarter Pounder meal with a cheeseburger.

Its amazing since I''ve been out of work, not eating McDonalds 3 times a day can make a huge difference. I lost probably 30-40 lbs in a month.

Another thing that helps is I drink lots of water. If I get a hunger craving I''ll down a glass. Stop watching a lot of TV because you are willingly subjecting yourself to Pavlovian suggestions. Commercials are really bad. In 2 minutes you pine for a beer, Oreo''s, Snickers, Dreyers, Carl''s Jr., Domino''s Pizza, Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Gatorade.

I''m also only 5''8. I''m trim, but not super trim.

"Rat Boy" wrote:

I still use the exercise clothes I used to wear when I capped out at 200 pounds and they barely fit at my new weight of 140 to 150.

Holy sh*t Rat Boy, that''s impressive. What kind of diet and/or workout did you use? Just trying to lose 20 lbs, has been a nightmare to me. Like I said it''s the first time I''ve ever been overweight, and I don''t like it at all.

Skip breakfast and lunch all together and replace them with light, low-calorie and low-fat snacks (also important not to overdoit at dinner). Jog 1 to 2 miles every weekday as part of your official exercise and try to walk quite a bit (given the parking at my college, that was a necessity) during the day. You should notice considerable change in a few months. It''s a slow method, but it works.

I try to ride my bike as much as possible... you know.. to keep in shape.

*hint* far left is mine

Right there with you Drunkagain - I have packed on so much weight that I don''t think I will ever lose it. I used to weigh 85kg=187pounds. I topped out at 125kg which is 275.58 pounds.

I am working on trying to lose it at the moment and am just walking a couple of k''s 3 days a week for now. Like Rat Boy said, slow and steady wins the race.

Funny thing is that I was light until I met my wife and then all that good home cooking just packed it on.

I''m with Cuebert here ridiing bikes certainly keeps you fit and is more fun than shpould be legal (''specially ''crossers)

Unfortunately it''s kinda rained non stop for about 3 weeks now and doesn''t look to be improving (par for the course there) so too much D2, Morrowind and practicising for Raven Shield have taken there toll on my waist.

P.S. Nice Suzuk Cuebert!

Ive been overweight pretty much my entire life, but the times that I was thinnest was basically when I got regular exercise. In the past year or so Ive been taking karate regularly and watching what I eat, I went down a few pants sized doing that. How much work you have to do depends on how young you are and your metabolism, as far as I can tell.

The only diet I ever went on that I was able to stick with was a moderation diet. I could have pizza - but one slice, not three. I could have a steak - but the 6-8 oz. size, not one that hangs off the plate. I could have a few chips (a small handful) - not the whole bag. I ate a lot of vegetables and fruits, and stopped drinking sodas altogether.

The biggest part of the success (I lost 35 lbs on that diet) came from water. I drank about 9-10 glasses of water a day, and the only other beverage I consumed was a glass of orange juice in the morning. Cutting out all the sugar in soda helps a lot! And it doesn''t hurt to make your belly feel full of water instead of chips, either. A dietician once told me that humans usually don''t drink enough water, and we tend to think we''re hungry when we''re really just thirsty. So go for the water before you go for the pizza!

The reason I was able to stick to that diet was that I was allowed to eat anything I wanted. If you drastically deprive yourself of everything you crave, it''s really hard to keep from breaking down. It''s setting yourself up to fail. What you want is to change your eating habits permanently, not crash diet and have your weight yoyo up and down.

Good luck, Drunkagain. I hope you can stick with it!

Well, ""Crash diets"" never work. You usually just bounce back, most people can''t take the pressure.

It would be better if you went to a dietician (is that the word? Nutriologist?), and took some of his advice. You can lose lots of weight without starving yourself, or damaging your organs. And their diets are much more ""sustainable"" than just saying you''ll swear off beer for the rest of your life. Pleeease

Of course, exercise helps. I do Tai Chi, it''s pretty good. Running may be counterproductive if you are too overweight, since it will murder your knees and back. Oh and lifting weights helped me too - apparently you burn more calories when you have more muscle. Of course, always under supervision.

In brief, try to make a change in your life, for the better - not just a diet that you''ll follow for a month and then you''ll forget about it, till the next time you notice an extra 20 pounds. It''s bad for your system!

Well, thanks for the encouragment everyone.

Once I get the weight off, I feel pretty confident I''ll be able to keep it off. My problem, I think, has been that when I moved to swing shift a year ago, I got in the habit of eating when I get off work at 11:00PM, and then going to bed. Add to that the fact that I quit working out around the same time, and I think I''ve got a bad combination.

Hopefully once the weight is gone I can stay away from Jack in the Box on the way home, and stick with the exercise again, and I think I''ll be alright. Now, if I could just get rid of these last 7 lbs, I can treat myself to a cold beer and a piece of pizza.

The only other thing I can add to this advice is my god man you are stressing over 7 lbs!!!

7 lbs less is not going to make you Brad Pitt!

People can balloon up and down 7 lbs from drinking/ retaining water, being fully clothed vs naked. Or even if you are on a full stomach or empty stomach.

I guarantee you stressing about 7 lbs is causing more damage to your health than an actual 7 lbs.

Free your mind!

^ Can you tell someone just finished watching the Matrix Reloaded?

I don''t know but I think my work is kind of adding couple of pounds to me... because sometimes after work, it''s hard to resist to get a glass of Guinness, which if I do, the second one is a guaranty would follow. I do Tai Chi after work to calm the nerves... however on my way home, I see about 5 bars on every block. It''s pretty tempting for a quick fix. I''ve been on the same meal plan for ages now... no junk food, no sodas; I have no care for the meat... though I would not really call my self a vegetarian. So to sum up I eat nutritious food, however I do feel like I ''m begging to gain... could be stress! Oh yes that's it! Stress.... yes!? ...arh I need a drink. Actually, I drink very sporadically, so I have no clue on to what is going on...

Hmm I wouldn''t mind gaining some weight, 6''0"" and 145 lbs ain''t much to write home about

Lousy Europeans, always skinny...

I guess I''m normal -- 6''0"", 185 lbs. Well, maybe a little over. Since I started my new job about a month ago, I''ve been going to the handily un-avoidable gym downstairs. We''ll see if it helps.

I''ve never had a real weight problem, fortunately. I was probably underweight, if anything, when I graduated from college and was trying to survive on one meal a day. I''ve filled out a bit since then. I''d say I''m 6''0"" and 170-175 lbs. However, I''m far from being in shape. I went running one day last month and nearly keeled over. The only exercise I get is going downstairs in the morning and upstairs at night. I have as much trouble sticking to exercise goals as others have sticking to dietary goals.

I do still go on ""diets"" occasionally. I do it more to compensate for a particularly gluttonous streak. The most dramatic diet was the Fat Flush Plan. It''s a liver-cleansing diet that starts out extremely restrictive. The restrictions are lifted after two weeks, though, so it''s not terrible. It''s sort of like a boot camp. And it promotes healthier eating habits (more leafy greens and smaller portions of lean protien). Also check out Eating Well for Optimum Health. Andrew Weil explains the science behind food and why your body needs you to eat. I don''t follow either of the books religiously. In fact I just got back from a big cheeseburger lunch. However, many people gain weight and eat poorly just because nobody ever explained how to eat properly.

Like I said, I''m hardly a paragon of health. I get winded playing Unreal Tournament. But I can attest to the physical and emotional improvements that come with better eating habits.

Yeah, but it''s not just eating better, you really need exercise too.

I guess that''s another aspect where schools (apparently world wide) fail - they do not teach you how to best feed yourself. It should be a required class, or maybe a subset of a biology class... Oh well, but that''s another thread.

I think think I''m getting rather pudgy as well. At 5''10"" and roughly 155 lbs I suspect a lot of people here are going to hate me for that, but you can''t please everybody can you?

The problem seems to be solved by me not getting a job for the summer, though. Seems I''löl have to go jogging and do katas to pass the passs the time. Maybe I''ll finally get around to designingthat Deus Ex mod as well...but I digress. Anyway, exercise is the way to go, as long as you''re not stuffing yourself full of junk food. And the scales are not all important, muscle tone is.

Remember that exercise is not a goal in itself though. If you don''t enjoy it, you''ll quit eventually. Find something you enjoy, like training martial arts, getting a couple of friends together at the gym, or simply going for long walks in a beautiful landscape. Make it about something else besides working out.

5 hours of soccer in the week = good excercise? I drink beer in masses though

40 min of Tai Chi, 7 days a week... 2 rounds of Guinness and 1 of White Russian on Saturday... that is my excercise. Though I''m 5''11 and I went from 157 to 162! It''s a joke comparing to some people but I fear that it could be the begining.... than again this begining took me like 2 years so I''m i bit puzzled