The Joys of E3

Easy question: What from E3 got you most excited?

For me it was the Half-Life 2 in game footage. There was a ton of absolutely great stuff to behold, but Half-Life 2 is Best in Show for me.

I''m with you there Elysium after having seen a 500mb 25min vid of half life 2 and i think the only thing approprite is this

and lots more drool!

Tough one. If I had to pick ONE game, it''d be UFO: Aftermath.

OMG, tell me where you got the thing!! I must know!

And Half-Life 2 looks soooo good. UFO has me excited though, as X-com stole days out of my life.

(edit: well I''ll be damned. All I had to do was type and there it was. Makes me wonder what I''ve been missing all this time??

:damnit RatBoy, shut the *^#$ up: hmmm, no....nothing there.
:gosh that wasn''t funny Ely: bah

Is there a list of them somewhere??)

(2nd edit, sorry to hijack the thread...just found the VIEW MORE EMOTICONS button. So much for laughing at Certis for not noticing Ely''s Sig.)

Gotta be WoW.

Funny that I waffle between this being the greatest MMO to an EQ revamp with style, and interface and accessibility improvements.

They dont want to put in mounted combat because everyone will be doing it. Well, If they take a look at Planetside, they''d find thats not true. Vehicles are extremely powerful in Planetside yet 3x the amount of people are infantry. They should employ the same tactics.

There are respawn timers. If your vehicle explodes too quickly you will have to wait out the ~5 minute timer to get another one. There are limited places you can aquire a vehicle as well.

So in WoW if they only allow you to summon a new mount every 5 minutes and only in designated areas (stables dotted around the landscape?) everything should balance out. Add in the fact that you can/ need to level up mounts would put the icing on the cake.

For me its Armed & Dangerous hands down. I just love the games Planetmoon put out on the shelves (since the MDK team is now Planetmoon I consider it a Planetmoon game ;)).

Other than than Half Life surely rocked the show, just gorgeous ingame movies. I don''t know yet though whether to buy a new pc or rather wait for the XBox port they have in the works already.

Another vote for Half-life 2. And I''m not even a big PC gaming fan, but that didn''t stop from watching the footage more times than I''d like to admit.

OMG, tell me where you got the thing!! I must know!

The is on fileplanet it''s a big download 600MB or so but is awesome and high res,

MMMM the more I watch this the more I want it, RIGHT NOW! This''ll be one game I''ll probably buy a new Graphics card for, sooo amamzing looking, and the A.I. too, roll on September!

Yes, if any game is going to break me and force me to upgrade it will be Half-Life 2. Man, you just can''t beat it.

Hands down, it is and has been Half-Life 2. I got goose bumps from just watching the footage. The detail in that game is unbelievable. Thank god, I will have tons of money from Uncle Sugar upon my return because it will go towards the new Half-Life 2 machine I will buy.

My fancy new Centrino notebook I will be purchasing will be nice but I''m not to optimistic about its ability to play HL2.

1 more vote for Half Life 2.

My whole gaming budget is going towards that game.
I will just wait until the game comes out and get the best hardware I can at the time to play it.

Hopefully a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro will be nice and cheap by then.

I remember playing Half Life 1 on a 16Mb Voodoo Banshee with a K6-2 400mhz CPU.

Omg SnakeEyes I got my Voodoo Banshee for exactly the same reason, being able to play Half-Life

I had a Voodoo2 for Halflife, it was excellent. Everyone else had TNTs or software, theyd be lagging out while I gleefully went around tapping them with a crowbar

Ill probably get a new system before Halflife 2, I need one anyway.

Haha, me too pyro. I had two Voodoo 2 12mbs in SLI for the first gaming in 1024 >:)

As much as I want HL2, Doom 3 still edges it out for me. Sorry, call me a fanboy, but I''ve been wanting to play Doom 3 since Doom 2!

To be honest though, no matter how you look at it, there are some amazing pc games coming over the next year or so. I haven''t been this excited about gaming since the heyday of FPS''s back in the late 90''s. Makes me very happy to have my nice, new, and very fast pc up and running.

And things look pretty good on the console front as well. Staying focused on school over the next couple of years is going to be hard.

As much as I want HL2, Doom 3 still edges it out for me. Sorry, call me a fanboy, but I''ve been wanting to play Doom 3 since Doom 2!

I''m actually very excited for Doom III as well. I know it''s ""cool"" to be luke warm about it but I think it''s going to be one hell of a ride. Between this and Half-Life I''ll have no choice but to upgrade which hasn''t happened for a good long while.

Go PC gaming go!

Does anyone know what is expected to be the ''best'' video card to play Half Life 2 and Doom 3.

I need something that will do both really well and won''t bust the bank.

I got my Voodoo Banshee becase it came with the Half-Life Day One Demo - this has to be one of the best demo''s ever released.

I hope they do the same type of thing for HL2.

Half-Life 2 is the ultimate geekgasim.

"Ulairi" wrote:

Half-Life 2 is the ultimate geekgasim.

""Geekgasim""! Now there''s a word you don''t hear everyday.