24 Season Finale! POSSIBLE SPOILERS!

Holy crap! I just finished watching the 24 finale. Holy Crap! They sure didn't waste any time setting up the next season. It was the best part of the entire show!

After watching today's episode I can now say without a doubt the first season was better. I think they will have to really work hard at changing how the show runs next year for people to keep thier interest. I don't think I would be up to watching another season like this one. To many crazy "hey I bet you didn't see this coming" moments this year. It felt like they set up Jacks character so that each episode when he thinks things are tough he gets kicked in the balls just to make it worse.

I was totally waiting for Kim to shoot Kate Warner. It was the only thing that made sense to me. Kim got f*cked over so many times this year it was only right she kill the only person she should have trusted. Oh well, maybe next year.

As soon as you saw You Know Who in the crowd, you knew exatcly what was about to happen. There was no shock-value like there was in last season''s finale. The rest of the plotlines wrapped up far too convienently.