RoN and why I fear you


What a great game. (btw, good review, Ely).

Just poking around with it for one day, and looking at the multi-player aspects, I have to admit: I fear those of you who played the Demo.

I'd like to think I'm a challenge to play against, but here, I'm going to have to pass on any multi-play for a little while just to get better.

And when I do, I think its going to be much harder then any other RTS I've ever played against on-line.

Looking forward to it though, especially against anyone who plays France.

I hope it isn''t too difficult because I suck at RTS games...usually. I have never learned every aspect of a RTS game (ie. units and their strengths, build order, resource cost, etc.). I am trying to do that with Generals

I assure you Yomm, my mission in life is to capture one of your cities and then build the Eiffel Tower right next to it. Then I will invade you with small portions of gorumet foods!

I enjoy the irony of building the Statue of Liberty next door to the mislabled St. Basil''s Cathedral. That and it nets you a Wonder Win.

I now have this on preorder! really enjoyed the demo and the review, but whats it like to play in multiplayer?

This game just keeps sounding better and better. I need a paycheck, stat!

Im going to hold back enemy troops with my Eiffel Tower while sticking all the bad peasants in a corral guarded by the Statue of Liberty. Its like my cruelty with the Sims, except with historical monuments!

"Elysium" wrote:

I assure you Yomm, my mission in life is to capture one of your cities and then build the Eiffel Tower right next to it.

Bring it on you pansy French wanker!

My ultra thick (for her pleasure) Russian winter wall of attrition combined with stellar tactial anhilation of your support units will leave you wimpering for some fluffy pastery. But, HA, all you will get are a few well placed missles to help you on your way!

And let it be known, if I even think there''s some willy nilly clove-smoking beatnik alliance going on, I will start the doomsday clock!!

You have been warned.

Good bye fifty dollars!

Wow! Gamespot gave RoN a 9.3! That''s one of the highest scores I''ve ever seen them give. here''s the link.

So true Elysium. While I have been ""turned off"" by Gamespot''s absurdly low Xbox review scores in the last year I have to agree with them on the 9.3

I really like this game. A lot. In fact, I think his may be one of the best games I''ve played since CivII. I hated AoE just because... I dunno, I hated it but I really like this game.

I am dying to try this puppy out in Multiplayer! The idea of a Risk-Esqe game with this gives me goose bumps!

Actually, I''d love to get a GWJ game up once or twice, a big seven or eight player free for all. I don''t think I see this as a ''gaming night'', but I''d definitely like to put the mulitplayer through its paces. After all, Certis and I promised you guys a second multiplayer review. Call it research!

I''d be up for some RoN multiplayer. I will crush you all under my bootheel!

Well, I want to join a GWJ game night, but I wanna know which game you plan on playing for a while. I''ve held off on Raven Shield because I don''t know if I would enjoy it in single player, and it seems that you guys may drop it soon.
I thought about Planetside, but apparently people don''t like the 13 dollars a month plan.
So would this RoN be a good multiplayer game, that would last for a while, or are you guys looking at something else on the horizon?

I''m just wondering why I sold my Diablo 2 copy.

I haven''t touched the Raven Shield single-player. Just no interest. But, I''ve said it before and I''ll say it again, we''re not leaving Raven Shield multiplayer behind anytime soon. At least, I''d be surprised if we did. Some of us have been playing this game for about two months now, and it seemse like we''re having more fun now than we did at the start. This last Thursday we had Certis, Gaald, Kegboy, Reaper, Pyro, and myself playing, and just had a terrific time. Thus, the fan fiction!

We might suddenly get bored with Raven Shield (who knows), but I think it''s been one of those games that we don''t burn ourselves out on, and instead just have a weekly taste of it. That tends to be the kind of game that gets the most longevity.

I''m just wondering why I sold my Diablo 2 copy.


I haven''t touched the Raven Shield single-player. Just no interest.

Me neither I dislike all the planning crap etc, too much hassle but I tried to complete the missions to open them up for terrorist hunt in single player (not with much success, I''m just as bad in single player as I was in multiplayer!)

I agree with Fang on the HEATHEN thing, WHY?

Ow! Certis just handed my ass to me in RoN. I think I''m going to stop talking smack now. You guys, are like cool and stuff. Let''s be friends in RoN!

Could someone help me put my ass back on?