D2 1.10 News

On Diabloii.net, they posted an interview with Bill Roper that pretty much pins down what their target date is for 1.10

Barring a complete disaster they had hope to have a final release candidate yesterday. He then stated this would mean that under these circumstances, it could be release June 2 - June 9.

I cannot wait.

Though I fear that Frozen Orb with be backhandedly seriously nerfed. It will get a power upgrade as will all other spells. I have confidence that the other spells will be able to keep up with the bolstered difficulty in Hell and Nightmare.

I understand the need for Frozen Orb to get less of an upgrade. However, based on the leaked info (which was old beta info) it seems Frozen Orb will get something like a 50% boost while other spells will get a 400% boost and have things such as their cold length, fire damage per second, and number of projectiles increased.

Evidence of this exists in the Necro Bone Spear screen shot. With minimal upgrades, it does over 600 damage. It used to max out at 150 I believe. I hope they do the same with lightning as bonespear is a better spell. Bone spear is countered by magic resistance which is very rare. Lightning resistance is very common and the minimum damage for lightning is always 1 (yuck).

I definitely cant wait. If the new way skills are read and stored allows us to make our own spells/classes I'll be in hog heaven! Oblivion mage or corrupted rogue pets anyone?

Frozen Orb doesn''t NEED that much of an upgrade, its already insanely powerful.

Frozen Orb doesn''t NEED that much of an upgrade, its already insanely powerful.

Right! At current difficulty.

Though in current big hell games, its very useful but hardly over powered.

Look at the facts. You think that they would increase Bone Spear 400% (with minimal symbiotic upgrade) and only make the monsters twice as many hps?

Hell no! Monsters are going to be at least 5 times as many hps. Oh did I mention their resistances are going to be increased too? 5 times hp + increased resistances may as well be increasing hp 10 times.

Frozen Orb I think is going to become a utility spell. A mass slow spell. I guess thats tolerable but in that case I hope they have a symbiotic spell that will increase cold length for it.

roll on the patch by the way is anyone stil playing with their d2 chars onine since we last had a Tuesday night? I''m working weekends for another 3 weeks and can''t get out from behind the firewall to join in!

You can always count on me