The Bachelor - **SPOILERS**

I stayed away from watching this show but I happened to flip through the channels last night. Ok so the tension grabbed me of the showdown between the last two girls.

The crazy bit is I can see why the show is a big success. In just one episode they managed to cram in so many real life emotions and situations it was like watching a whole season of some of the other fictional dramas.

In one episode, (mind you I'm sure the framed, edited and staged a lot of the content) there were so many themes and life messages introduced.

When the women meet the bachelors family, the posturing and communication lend clues to the real nature of the people involved. One of the girls is asked what she thinks of her rival. She is evasive yet polite, a 4 star performance. A very mature way to handle a difficult situation. Life lesson #1: Speaking ill of someone else in turn reflects poorly on you most of the time if you do it frequently or with zeal.

The next scenario involves one of the women and the discussion of an ex boyfriend with the bachelor's elder brother. The woman admits that she handled the break up poorly (a very mature reaction to an immature act that is well within a 23 year old's reality) In other words you cant really blame a 23 year old for handling a break up poorly as they are just coming out of a brutal stage in their life with regards to relationships. So, she gets points for acknoledging a mistake that a lot of people experience.

However, what words follow causes major damage to be done. It is insinuated that the girl does not have any plans to completely sever ties with the ex until her relationship with the bachelor is finalized. She is compounding a mistake she has previously acknowledged. In the woman's defense, things may have been blown out of proportion. Life lesson #2: If its not important dont mention it. Or, if you mention it, it is probably more important than you think and you should address it soon.

This same situation extends further as the elder brother is obliged to give his perspective to his brother, the bachelor. Its amazing for in this instance the elder brother with a mere couple of minutes of screen time becomes the hero. This show is almost staged like real world Shakespeare. Someone like Mercutio jumps into my mind. He grasps center stage, delivers the voice of reason and dies, or in this case is never in any more clips of the show. Life lesson #3: Your family knows you.

The bachelor is torn by this evidence and per his brothers advice confronts this issue. He has stated in numerous side clips that this woman shares a great amount of chemistry with him. No more does this become apparent than when he is discussing the ex boyfriend situation with her. The woman explains a little and downplays the situation. Shes feels the situation has gone out of control. But at certain points she feels threatened and is defensive. Honestly, this seems her true nature and makes her seemingly pleasant demeanor stick out like a sore thumb. Life lesson #4: people's reaction to adversity can tell you a lot about them.

Unfortunately, when shown clips of the bachelors response to the conversation, he feels much more comfortable about the situation and reminds us what great chemistry exists. That chemistry is blinding him. You can see it in his responses to the woman when she is being defensive and is on the verge of insulting the bachelor's family. You can tell she knows this would spell doom and is very uncomfortable resisting the temptation. Life lesson #5: Hormones taint perspective. See Life lesson #3

The climax to the show is every man's struggle. Do I marry for friendship or for chemistry? Do I follow my heart and my mind, or do I follow my heart and my hormones? Is chemistry physical and mental?

The bachelor chose wisely. He chose frienship. He chose a woman who changed her perspective when the evening dealt them bum deck of cards. He chose a woman who refrained from insulting someone she didn't care for. He chose upbeat and intelligent over spicy and youthful.

His family knew the right choice and trusted the bachelor to come to the decision on his own. He did. Kudos to everyone involved, this is a true happy ending.

You my friend have just commited a sin in my book. These absolutely horrible shows are the reason some of the best shows on TV this year never had a chance to build an audience.

No ratings for a show? No problem get rid of good show throw together a dispicable reality show based around sex or ""love"" (I use that term loosely) and voila! Instant ratings!


p.s. I may seem to be a bit of a hipocryte when it comes to this topic, as I really like watching shows like Survivor, The Mole and Amazing Race. I however feel they are very different than the reality shows I absolutely loath.

Guilty as charged. My one episode viewing on the alternate night at 1 am is respponsible for all cool shows getting... DELETED!

Enlighten me on the distinctions between the Gaald approved reality shows and the bad ones.

Hmm... let me see the Bachelor deals with relationships in a romantic sense. Lets be a dating service for one lucky guy or girl.

Survivor deals with relationships in the manipulative and persistence sense. Let me starve you and make you jump through hoops for weeks until you lose most of your humanity.

The Mole deals with relationships in the deductive, reasoning, and deceptive sense. Who''s the best liar and who''s got good instincts.

LOL. You''re totally right Fang.

The thing I like about The Mole, Survivor, Amazing race is that they promote themselves as competitions. I have no problem with watching a GAME on TV. Games that are meant to put people under stress in group situations. I know that what I am watching is based on the fact that these people are all trying to win something.

I do have a problem with shows that twist the ideas of Love and Marriage give it a reality TV tag, as if what they are showing is actually reality! It sickens me it really does.

As far as my previous post. I guess it didn''t come out the way I actually wanted. I was only trying to poke fun at the fact you watched ONE episode. Hell I watched Popstars the first season. I had to smack some commen sense into myself for months after it was done, I never went back.

I don''t know who you are anymore Fang.

Hahaha! Jokes on me! I guess it only adds to the humor the fact I watched on an obscure day at an obscure hour (sunday 1am).

I knew your post was light hearted. I didnt make the connection though till now.

Despite the cheese and the scripting and the creative editing, the humorous irony here is that I believe Andrew and Jen (the bachelor and his new fiance'') stumbled onto something special. Of course, I''m making a huge leap here. However, I''ll stick with my prognosis based on the way they handled themselves and the seemingly warm and supportive family surrounding them.

Its more the idea of the possibility of love actually happening despite the shows blatant commercialism or attempt to market and manufacture a TV show ""product"". Fate can be funny that way!

One thing to note: I''ve never seen anything more competitive than 2,3,4 women fighting over a man.

One thing to note: I''ve never seen anything more competitive than 2,3,4 women fighting over a man.

Until these shows started hitting the air I had never been so disgusted by it.

I couldn''t watch the bachelor, simply because that Andrew guy seems like a major league c*ck. If there''s anyone more full of themselves, I''ve yet to see them. And, the part that kills me is that I''m sure he has no problem meeting women in real life; he has no job hogging his time, he''s got a stockpile of cash, and he is (far as I can heterosexually tell ;)) a good looking guy. Yet, his own desire for more, more, more brings him on a show like this, and people eat it up. It boggles the mind. I like watching two types of reality shows: competition for money (survivor) and interpersonal train wrecks (Joe Millionaire).

Want to make a ""relationship"" reality show into something fun and productive? Turn it into a drinking game! This one''ll get ya: Drink every time they say the word ""journey."" I''ll get the funnel ready.