Played Generals for the first time yesterday.

Thats the idea... there are allots of ways to go arround a player who is only doing snipe attacks behind his wall of turets and units... plus it''s a lot of fun and educational. <--- man those people really know how to use the foul language!

I guess I have seen the black market upgrade but maybe I was overlooking the fact because I was putting my general points into other things besides rebel ambush, stupid me

By the way, is there any hope for an expansion on Generals by someone?

I gotta start playing as GLA! I can only assume that there''ll be an expansion pack, seeing as how it''s a successful EA game.

There seem to be a talk online about that... they said that they have been considering it and if anything it will be done by september. However it''s just a rumor(and we know how solid is that) that was talked in the CnC chat room, while trying to find someone to play 2v2. Howeve as far as i heard though EA wants to breake up Westwood.... if tey haven''t done it already!?

Westwood is no more so if there''s going to be an expansion (and I for one woulde love one) it''ll be somother team in EA doing it.

Westwood was broken up pre generals. Most of Generals was actually done internally at EA by a mix of EA staff and whatever Westwood staffers decided to stick around.

hahaha.... too bad,. Now EA will defiantly crash and burn!