Played Generals for the first time yesterday.

Man, I love it. I need to learn the hotkeys a little better though. Any control tips from you guys?

Also, I hate the scrolling. Is holding the right mouse button the only quick way to scroll?

I actually don''t use the hotkeys much yet, except for naming groups of units (ctrl+number to set, hit the number to call them). Of course, my record''s 21-30

I don''t like using the right mouse button to scroll fast -- it''s very clumsy. I usually find myself right-clicking in the map on the bottom left to move around quickly.

Thanks bagga. That is mostly what I like to do. I had a shock when I tried to use the arrow keys to scroll and it didn''t work. First RTS game I have ever played that wouldn''t

I never knew any RTS games scrolled with arrow keys...

Yes, many

That could explain why I suck so much. I need to be a hotkey user.

Not necessary, hot keys are good but i don''t really use them! However if you mark the most important thing, like dozers and slaves, game will be a bit easier and your base will be more productive... also it''s good to know every unit strength and weaknesses. Though it will come with time and later on you will be having no problem to withstand big rush with few units...

For example i use GLA a lot... so i build couple of demo traps in key locations, so when an opponent sends his 20 tank rush only 5 will make it, and then i just send couple of troops to finish of the job! that is a lot of fun the first time.... not so often works the second time... but by that time i don''t really care.

My current record is 29/10.[/code]

Generals is pretty cool, though the super weapons are bit overpowered. It wouldn''t be so bad if you couldn''t build like 100 of them.

Uhh, whoa. For some reason I was logged in as Dramatic Marilin? Anyways, that above post is mine.

Are the super weapons really that easy to build? Does it make the online part of the game not as fun or something? I am just looking for a fun online experience with friends once I beat the single player. I have yet to build a super weapon so far so I am clueless.

I think that superweapons are good and can end a game that would otherwise take hours, but I also agree that the ability to build many of them is frustrating. However, someone that spends tons of money on superweapons (at $5000 each!) either has to be vulnerable or is much better than you anyway
SW''s are an integral part of the game, because of the upgrades they provide.

Which SW do you like the most bagga?

I am rotating the single player campaigns right now. I have completed 4 USA, 3 China and 2 GLA so far. Having a great time too.

I must say that the chinese nuke appears to do the most, for a few reasons. One, it provides important upgrades. Secondly, it seems to destroy the most (but also takes the longest to charge up). Third, when it does land, the explosion is so large and devastating onscreen that it really sinks the morale of the enemy. I know it does against me! The USA''s particle cannon is easily the worst; it can be guided but moves slowly and requries babysitting. Not worth it IMO. All that said, I still think USA is my favorite country because of the ability to spy so well. Nothing worse than thinking you''re doing well, only to be surprised and crushed!

Yeah, I really want to play China in a skirmish so I can drop a nuke. I have been dying to do that ever since I laid eyes on the first screen of a nuke going off.


Generals is one of my fave games and is a regular play in our LAN parties.

Played correctly the US is an awesome side snipers in humvees with rocket infantry rule!

Well I spent most of the day playing Generals online. Perhaps my condemnation of the superweapons was a bit premature.

They ARE powerful (well ok, the particle cannon isn''t) and you CAN make as many as you want, but generally they are too expensive to do that until late game when you are making ungodly amounts of cash from Hackers/Supply Drops/Black markets

Remember, you can ''drag'' the particle cannon beam. It took me quite a bit of use to realize that, and suddenly it became a much more useful weapon.

Ya I know about the particle beam dragging, but it drags so slow that it really isn''t worth it. You can get much more devastation out of a nuke or scud storm.

I played a skirmish match with each faction last night to play with super weapons. It was a great feeling to drop that nuke. I think USA is my early favorite but I want to learn GLA for some reason.

GLA is good, and I''ve been defeated by people playing GLA plenty of times. To use them effectively, you have to be sneaky and underhanded -- you won''t win in a firepower contest against either of the other countries. Too bad I can''t completely change my mindset to be that sneaky; I therefore am not effective with GLA. Ahh, maybe someday... twists handlebar mustache

I''m mostly GLA, have not played anything else much.... They may be hard to use, however they are cheep and effective!

They''re more fun to use in SP. The last GLA mission I just used Bomb Trucks (Sorry, no tracking numbers) to take out the two bases. Those imbeciles never caught on.

GLA are pretty awesome. My only real beef with them is their complete lack of an Airforce.

I love my jets.

So, last night I was playing and realized an annoying trend -- that is, lots of people are becoming ""turtles."" You know be USA or China, build up a huge defense (turrets or patriots), and build countless airports and/or superweapons. Send airstrikes to annoy, rinse/repeat. It makes for a really long and annoying game! I was playing as china, and it got pointless and I finally quit. Because, when there are that many planes buzzing around overhead, using a lobber like a nuke cannon guarded by anti-air proves fruitless because they''ll just target the lobber. countering with air is obviously pointless. Anyone have any suggestions? I guess if I were USA I could have sent in some paladins (which shoot missles with lasers), but since I was China I was out of options in my mind. Grr, so annoying...

I am starting to develop some of my own strategies but I am still too new to help you with that problem. But I could see you building 2 to 3 nukes and unloading them on the airports and reactors while at the same time unleashing your entire tank division

Well, the major problem with this one game in question was that it was no superweapons either... but yeah, that''s a good idea. I''m starting to realize how good paladin tanks are

Well everytime I play i set a rule... one super weapon only! and allot of people agree that building 20 nuckes is not a game. There are lots of strategies against strong defence... for example, when i play GLA I use hit and run tactic, sowhat if i destroy only one turret it''s still good for me because i level up as a general and then i can use ambush... what is good about that is that i can pop them anywhere i want. So i make them cloked + benefit of taking over buildings= pop in enemy base and just let all of them start taking over buildings. In the end i end up with half the base captured for two reasons. 1 all the turets are infront of the base, 2 so are the units... hehehe

and then i hear allot of new word that i never even heard of before!

Very good stuff Nei but please explain what you mean by ""make then cloked"" I know you mean cloaked but do you mean you can make rebel ambush''s have rebels that are cloaked? That would be wicked.

One superweapon only is a nice idea, but they aren''t really balanced enough to do that.

For example, a US player''s particle cannon can destroy a scud storm in one go, and has a shorter timer. Thusly the US can keep the GLA from ever getting access to a superweapon AND can still use their to blast their stuff.

Maybe it is supposed to be a toss up because if the scud storm does get off it effects a lot larger area and can kill troops after the fact with chemicals

"Flux" wrote:

Very good stuff Nei but please explain what you mean by ""make then cloked"" I know you mean cloaked but do you mean you can make rebel ambush''s have rebels that are cloaked? That would be wicked.

Yes! they are... i mean cloaked. You will be able to do this when you get a palace or black market upgrade.

About the US Particle vs Scud Storm.... never seen it happen (the case of partcle destoying the Scud with one shot, as much they try doing it to me.... never happend!), besides by the time US will have their SuperWeapon ready, i''m already kicking their but with ground forces attacks and a lunch of my scud! I do get my scud before everyone will be even considering building their one! hehehe

Ya you can cloak your rebels, VERY awesome. I do that all the time to capture buildings.

Just rebel ambush, and put them all on capture, should take pretty much any building very quickly.