FYI Planetside Beta is Still Up

Apparently we can still participate until monday.

Anyone up for some dropship hot dropping, tower pilferin fun today?

I''ll probably dip in for a while, not sure exactly when though.

Dammit, and I just formatted my Hard Drive. hmm, well, I guess I could always leave my comp up all night...

I erased all Planetside files this morning !!! cheer !!

So, is it officially 13 dollars a month? Is it out?

"Mex" wrote:

So, is it officially 13 dollars a month? Is it out?

You *might* be able to get it today, though the offical release is tomorrow.

And its $12.99

I''ve been dying to get into this but the 1.3gig download for the beta put me off and I don''t know wether or not it''ll be released outside of the US. Hope they do as you guys seem to have been enjoying it. (mild understatement there!)

It is not up any longer. It asked for a subscription. It is DELETED!

I hate to say it, but I''m not picking this one up either. I may wait a few months, see if the game develops, and pick it up at a cheaper retail price, but there''s just not enough there for $12.95/month. It''s just the wrong price.

Agreed. I like the game alot but the 12.95 kills it. I think the monthly fee for me to be most comfortable with would be around the $5 range or preferably free

Now wheres my copy of Tribes?

Agreed. Like I have said many times before and in many forums this is the first game that should be $5/month until they add more content.

welp, I''m paying, and couldn''t be happier. So I guess its true about diffrent strokes and all.......

You know if they had Galaxies in that 21.95$ a month deal it would be hard to pass up.

In my perspective it would be like paying full price to keep the EQ account open. Then $9 a month shared between Planetside and Galaxies. That''s a good deal!

Its a shame that EQOA is generally considered to look like ass on the screen. I think they made a lot of positive changes to EQ. So that''s practically thrown in there for free.

EQ2 just has no draw for me whatsoever.

Edit: I don''t think they should charge $5 for Planetside. I think they should add more elements from Shadowbane to justify $12.95 Actually probably even Anarchy Online has elements to contribute like the special gun attacks. Maybe even a Combat Engineer that can make Droids (repairers, fighters, portable med terminals)

You had a good run with it here in the forums Yomm, I appreciated your enthusiasm and it kept me playing when my initial impressions were less than glowing. I do like the game and I can see why others love it so much but ''m afraid they came out with too high a monthly fee for what I feel is a vanilla feeling game.

I can see why they did so of course. If things don''t go well it''s much easier to lower the price than it would be if they started low and tried to jack it up too soon. It''s a tough call but I''m afraid their decision may hurt the user-base which in turn will means less content and timely fixes as the dev team is pared down to cut costs.

I agree Fang, if they pop Galaxies into that bundle deal then I''m sold on it and Planetside.

"Certis" wrote:

You had a good run with it here in the forums Yomm, I appreciated your enthusiasm and it kept me playing when my initial impressions were less than glowing.

I want to second this, Yomm. It''s refreshing to encounter unbridled enthusiasm in the bitter gamer morass. I doubt so many of us would have sat through a 1.33GB download and given the game a try if it hadn''t been for your willingness to share your interest. Thanks for keeping things lively. Go crash a harrasser for me!

Imagine my surprise when I found a massive on-line game I actually liked!
As I''m usually the bitter anti-treadmill massive games=massive pricks running around doing prick like things, it was pretty funny for me to lead the charge.

As I''ve said before in my bias disclosure, I''m in a group of over 150 players. Each time I get on, we have anywhere from 20-50 guys on line, getting voice orders from a command chain. I never have to find a group, wait and figure out whats going on, and then run there.

I stand by everything I''ve said about it (given my bias) and am having a blast for once when playing a game with more then 15 people.

As time goes on, if ya''ll have any questions, I''ll be more then happy to share.