I have nothing better to do...

Well, this is more of a pointless post but I had to do something other than looking at the server config screens and domino upgrades...

Its Friday ...a, actually it's Saturday. It's 2:30am, and I'm still in the office! All alone and going crazy or hyper after my 12th cup of coffee, than again I could be doing both hypercraze. The forum is empty but then I don't expect to see any one being logged in besides Certis... which I wonder why would a sane person would be doing here at night.

Arh! I haven't slept for a week now... I either work or logged in to Galaxies. I'm kind of amazed I have not passed out yet, but I have a feeling that ain't good.

So, being that I have nothing "IMPORTANT" to say, I'd like to take this opportunity and say Happy Birthday to Elysium and Sway...

...and now back to work!

Take care of your body Nei.

Get some sleep.

Yes please get some sleep. Hearing you say that just made me want to go back to sleep, and I just got up.

Yeah man, lack of sleep kills your body more than you think.
I get migraines when I don''t sleep enough, and it''s a nightmare.

Thanks guys! Well I finished around 5am, got home, ate breakfast, and then, I don''t remember a thing.... I got some sleep though