The Matrix Game

Anyone picked the game up for any platform? What do you think of it?

"Certis" wrote:

Anyone picked the game up for any platform? What do you think of it?

I went to Blockbuster, saw it for the PS2, picked it up, put it back, then went straight for the party games.

Good story, Rat Boy. You and Certis ought to get together and write a book!

You know what, you can go straight to hell.

He gets one free shot for his birthday. That''s what my dad told me, then I took a second shot and got my car taken away from me. I got greedy.

I picked it up for Xbox. But due to my current work time and to the fact that I got Yager two days ago, I only made it halfway into level 1. Here are my impressions so far:

Graphics: The models look great. The environment does not. I mean that in the sense of texture resolution. Reminds me a bit of the old Q2 days. Animations are slick. Really great fighting moves and all. Overall graphics wise this is a very average title.

Sound: They sticked with the original matrix sounds and music. Fits the game and is not annoying at all.

Presentation: The FMVs are great. From what I have seen the levels are laid out ok. Quite a lot of room to fight in :).

Gameplay: This is where this game really shines (pardon the pun) so far. Lots of moves the character can do while the controls are really accessable. I got used to the standard controls in about 10 minutes. The game so far relies heavily on action and not at all on sneaking. But I expected this from a matrix game.

Overall I must say that so far I do not regret buying this title. This is a title for Matrix fans though who want to get deeper into the whole franchise. If you did not adore the original movie, stay away from this title. For all the others I''d suggest renting it first, before buying.

Thanks Chris. I am tempted to try it now.

Chris pretty much summed it up. Personally, however, I was more let down by it than anything else. After beating it with both characters, I think I can safely say it''s worth playing to see the FMV''s, absorb the backstory-to-the-movie bits, and twiddle around with the ''bullet-time'' thing. Graphics didn''t really impress and the controls felt off.
Is it terrible? Heck no. It''s getting traded in for something else this week though, for what that''s worth.

For a game attatched to a franchise like The Matrix, with the kind of budget it had, I was expecting a lot more. Oh well.