John Doe cancelled

And after that cliffhanger season finale...way to go Fox!

Gee, does Fox own the Sci Fi Channel? Sounds like I''ve heard this bit before.

Oh F me!

Where''s the link? Story?

Has this been confirmed??




Saw first source on AICN, second source TV Tome. That, and the fact that the official John Doe website is down, leads me to believe we''re screwed. I had heard that there was an episode shot that concludes the series in case this happened. Anyone else hear of this?

That blows. I wasnt a regular viewer but the episodes I saw were cool!

I saw the airplane one where he outwits scotland yard =P and get a love interest.

I also saw the kidnapped girl one where the father had advanced melanoma of some kind.

That last episode was a jaw-dropper.

Crap! I also heard there was an episode in the can if fox dropped the series. Let''s hope they air. I HATE YOU FOX!

I think I remember seeing John Doe a couple times but it''s kind of hazy.. I can''t.. quite... remember it! Nope, I forgot again.

I think I blacked out while watching since was was so bored.

No big loss here.