Half-Life 2 Movies

IGN's Insider footage of Half-Life 2 is amazing, simply amazing. The level interaction looks fantastic and the graphics are really nice. This is easily my most anticipated game of the year!

Insider download

Gamers Hell download

Ya, that looks insane! Wait until the mods for this one come out!!! Now that the is gone, think we can get a :drool ?


Let them eat cake.

p.s. pie is better

I''m tired and also meant to put in here:
You guys rule.

I have the 500 mb movie, and my god does Half-Life 2 look amazing. If it weren''t for the applause/laughter being such a turn off I''d masturbate to it.

When was Doom 3''s release date again? I wonder if enough time will have gone by for it to slip out of HL''s shadow. Somehow I doubt it.

Applause isn''t as much of a turn off as laughter.

Very true. But I still prefer not having an audience when mastubating.