Anyone view this as a good/bad thing for Nintendo?

Well, the day I buy my first Gameboy (Platinum SP) Sony announces their handheld intentions. I was like "huh?, wha?" and it started me thinking. What will this mean in the long run? Should I care?

My fiance and I are really enjoying the SP and I think it will be great for all the trips we take to her parents. But, what is the future of the Nintendo handhelds looking like now with this surprising news?

I don''t think Nintendo is particularly worried.

And that may be what bothers me the most. It''s like they''re not worried at all that they are now third place, that they keep missing sales goals, and so on.

The GBA has plenty of life yet, but Nintendo should do something, goddammit.

I think they will Mex. They are a smart company (obviously) so they will do what they need to. I think it will be good for the consumer in the long run.

When did Sony say this thing was coming out? Q4 2004? Have the given a price yet?

If I were Nintendo I wouldn''t worry too much for now.

If I were Nintendo I wouldn''t worry too much for now.

They probably weren''t to worried about the PSX at the time either. Or even the Xbox for that matter. But I think both companies have shown that while it may not be easy to get a toehold in the video game market it can be done. And in Sony''s case, not just a toehold, but gobble up the whole f*cking market.

They probably don''t need to be worried, but I hope they are at least a little concerned.

Unless the PSP price point will be around $150, I don''t think Nintendo has anything to worry about. However, I certainly wouldn''t complain if Nintendo released an easy to use iPod/GBA hybrid.

I personally think that Nintendo is trying to find a cheap way to make the Cube into a portable machine by the time the PSP comes out..

If they''re smart enough to do that, they''d seriously put a big smack right back into Sony''s face..

I mean you can buy Sony''s handheld with roughly better than PS1 level hardware, or you can buy the New Redesigned Cube that is now a portable machine. By then the cost for building the GCN would be low enough and the main cost would be the screen, which Nintendo has been working on for a few years now...

Think about that, having the Cube as a true portable machine, developers would easily support the system because there''d allready be 4 years of development into the machine...

But in reality I don''t think Nintendo has the brains or balls to pull something like that off. All it would truly take would be slimming down the machine by about 2.5 inches in height, maybe add some width, integrate the controller and add in a screen..Add in possible GBA player and damn you have an amazing portable machine. Is it possible? I don''t know. Would it be smart as hell? YES

Actually it would be cool if the screen and controller were attached, but the machine was seperate.

You could have a belt clip for the console or strap it to you leg or arm. Then hold the controller and screen in your hand.

If it was something close to the size of a discman that would rock!