Planetside Tuesday Night Style!

Elysium and myself plan to play some Planetside at 9PM CST. Of course, I'm sure a few of you might be playing earlier than that. Remember, we play on the Markov server with the Vanu team so join us there!

Boy, I''ll stick with the MAX''s. I''ve found I''ve got mad crashing skills with the air craft. Maybe there''s some way to invert the mouse flight but I wish I could just USE MY JOYSTICK!

Okay... I think I''m getting the hang of this game. You flyboys drop me off and I''ll do the rest. And by that I mean die, horribly most likely.

Boy this game is nifty, but I just can''t spend thirteen bucks a month on it. Not when I''m crashing to the desktop or locking up...
In a year or two, I''ll be all over this game.

I guess D2 Tuesdays are history now... oh well, i been busy with SW:Galaxies anyway...

Planetside Team Speak is now up!
password: stan

Welp another server crash =(

Hopefully itll be back up soon!

Im gonna go back to my Blackfang char.

I have no idea why my MAX shots insist on going through infantry legs.

That and my Mosquito keeps going down in like 2 second.

Which is funny since I pepper enemy aircraft and havnt downed one yet unless Ive been in a MAX.

Stealth rules the day so I''m going back to it =)

Well, the last hour or so we organized and had a great time cruising around in a Galaxy taking some towers and moving on again. Once we hit the base and got into some heavy corridor fighting things slowed down a bit but nothing too terrible. Unfortunatly, I carshed out before we managed to cap the base.

Good time tonight guys!

I played through Planetside most of yesterday going all the way through to our little reinactment of Doolittle''s Squadron over Japan. (More accurate than the Lost Battalion, imo.)

There''s a lot of things I like about this game and a few things I absolutely love (hot dropping! w00t!) but...

They don''t balance out with the things that annoy me. I played for like eight hours yesterday and only gained four levels. Once I figured out how the game was going last night, IE predominantly infantry engagements, there was little I could do with my character to rectify the situation. I really hate the RPG leveling up in this game. Why not just make the game a Team Fortress styled MMOFPS? I think it would really add to the flow and learning curve of the game. The little VR training missions are interesting but not very helpful. They don''t actually show you what works, gameplay wise, and what doesn''t.

Some of the weapon design decisions also infuriate me. Whoever decided, ''Hey! Let''s make the sniper rifle a breech loaded piece of crap!'' should be shot. I would like to point out, that here in the Twenty-First Century, we also have caliber fifty sniping weapons. They are very nice, magazine fed semi-auto rifles. You would think that the future would at least follow the same trend.
The max anti-vehicle weapon also appears to have a whooping 300 feet per second muzzle velocity. I love attempting to lead a moving target.

SOE has somehow managed to make the worst Voice chat software in the known galaxy and then make it increase lag by like a million percent. After we switched over to Team Speak I had no real problems anymore.

Finally, air will clearly dominate this game. As Gaald and I learned (well... me...) a ground vehicle is no match for a Reaver. We had one Reaver absolutely terrorizing a base we were attempting to cap. Imagine five of those... and then 20. Back them up with a few Galaxies and it''s game over. While it''s true Air can never hold Ground; he who controls the Air controls the Ground.



You can invert mouse flying by hitting Esc, key mapping, vehical tab, mouse button, invert flying

Exp was recently whacked with the newest patch, doesn''t look good but this is just the begining of the new Exp curve, so they say. They''ll be adding/tweaking things to balance it out (I hope).

Anti-Air Maxs will take out many many flying things.

Sorry I keep missing you guys on-line. Seems I always find out later that ya''ll were on.

(edit: You would have thought I''d be aware that Certis and/or Ely would have exacted some sort of revenge for the but I didn''t. Not very clever, but points for trying. Roll Monkey indeed. Pffftttt)

Just FYI, flying vehciles are easily, easily dropped. The real battles will be indoors anyway

As for tweaking exp, it is just going to get harder and harder. I wouldn''t call that ""optimizing"" or ""tweaking"" as they put it. They are making the treadmill harder, not good.

"Flux" wrote:

As for tweaking exp, it is just going to get harder and harder. I wouldn''t call that ""optimizing"" or ""tweaking"" as they put it. They are making the treadmill harder, not good.

In all fairness the old exp system was out of whack. The Devs were using the data to figure it out. I think the system they are putting in place, was supposed to be the one for the real game anyway. As of right now, it hurts the guys in support roles, this will be changed. To what degree that the Exp points are going to increase, I don''t know. I don''t like the current way it is, but I''m going to hold my judgement till I see the rest of it.

The AA MAX is pretty good at cappin Reavers. IMHO I like it a lot against vehicles too.

I am going to try the Quasar MAX today. It is the anti-infantry MAX and in VR training it seems to run out of ammo qucikly but can kill vehicles well.

The deal with the Comet anti-vehicle MAX is it has a DOT component. If you rapid fire it you lose the DOT effect. Yes, thats a stupid design decision in a rapid pace action game.

You know I untrained CE but I might train it back. Spitfire turrets will get you a lot of XP in small 20-50 increments. They do good damage against MAX''s and will incinerate infantry.

Can you place turrets while stealthed? That is a question I hope to answer today.

Guys I am dead serious, if you get the chance, get the zoom amplifier implant. That is the real sniper route!

Lastly, I will add that our Outfit isnt exactly the best XP outfit if that is what you are looking for. I will remind you that this game is not about leveling however. If you are in that mindset you are in the wrong game.

Honestly this is the ultimate ""role"" playing game. You can be AA, AV, stealth nuisance, stealth hacker, assasin, trap layer, defense creator (turrets), 2 different kinds of snipers, many variants of scouts (foot, car, air), gunner, stealth scout, tank (the rpg sense of the word), artillery (infantry and vehicle), mechanic, medic, transport pilot or driver, resupplier, air supremacy fighter...

If that isnt a ""role"" playing game, I don''t know what is.

"fangblackbone" wrote:


Can you place turrets while stealthed?

Yes. Its alot of fun but be aware that stealth armor won''t give you alot of room to carry ACEs. If you are near a tower or base and don''t mind running back and forth to get supplies, you''ll have fun.

Also, as a stealth engie, you can creep up on folks, plant Boomers and creep away...then *pow*

Not to mention building annoying turrets in the right place.

Ive had someone drop a boomer as I was shooting them and of course *BOOM*

Not to mention building annoying turrets in the right place.

Exactly my plan.

I usually only hold about 5 ACE''s in my inventory

Going down to 4 shouldn''t be too much of a problem...

My stealth grenade experiment didnt work too well as the grenade bounced funny off the wall and came back to me. I was crouched so I couldnt get away fast enough. Well, so, it worked until I actually had to use a grenade.

EDIT: I dloaded teamspeak so i can hear you guys finally.