So, how did you'll do this semester?

Well, I finally got my grades back.
I got a 3.75 for the semester.
3 A's and 1 B.
I'm kinda pissed though because my one B was an 89 and it was in my writing class.

So, how did school treat you'll this semester?

My papers are signed. What the hell do I care about grades for anymore?

that painfully reminds me I have yet to finish my diploma thesis. But motivation for that is at an all time low since I am fully employed for the same salary as if I had the diploma ;).

Guys, this is gamers with jobs, not gamers in college. Take it out to the quad, kids.

Theyre posting my grades right now, though I did pretty good.

I am with Rat Boy though, my diploma is on the way, Ive got a job, f*ck my grades.

"Veloxi" wrote:

Guys, this is gamers with jobs, not gamers in college. Take it out to the quad, kids. ;)

Heh, I concur. These threads (and the finals threads I see occasionally in some forums) always make me feel old.

But in the spirit of things - Cary Quad for life!

Pretty soon you guys can look forward to performance evaluations and cost of living raises !!

I know, I had a graduation dinner with my aunts and uncle yesterday and they work for Sumutomo, two in IT one in Sales. They started talking about thier jobs and how they want to get different jobs, this person is a Female Doggo, ect. and I was like ""I wonder how long itll take me to get this bitter""

It took me about 10 days. That was five years ago.

Took me 3 days....4 years later I am still here in IT, but a better position now mind you.

I think I did alright - two A''s, one C+ (stupid Medieval Lit) and one ? still - haven''t gone back to check, but I''m fairly sure it''s at least a B. Not the 4.0 term I was hoping for, but better than a kick in the pants.