I'm off to E3

Tomorrow at 7:30 am I leave for E3. If anyone is going and wants to meet up for some lunch (or whatever) just stop by the IGN booth and ask for Ken.

Secret password: Diku Mud

Have fun Ulairi!

Yeah, have fun you jerk!

Man, that''d be an akward lunch if I was there...

""So, did you hear about...the thing...""

""What thing?""

""You know, the thing that happened...somewhere...""

You know, Certis. You don''t actually have to call everyone jerk. I mean, I know it''s kind of your pet name for me, and Gaald, and whoever calls you when you''re trying to play a game, and the pizza delivery guy, but you don''t have to haul it out every chance you get.

Yeah Certis, sometimes I like to mix it up with ""jerkass"" and ""jerkface"".

Sniff you Jerkasses later!


Lucky to go to E3, not like most of us who are stuck at the job or school or? ...in the office personally.