Let the Hot Drop Commence... to the MOOOON!!!!

same bat time, same bat channel?

anyone wanna join me for a Planetside comedy of errors at say

8 CST?

Look up "Blackfang" my stealth CE

Since we''re running out of time before the beta ends, I''ll be there! You can use the ""Outfit"" chat to talk to everyone if you''re not sure who is on.

I just lost my download with only two hundred megabytes to go!

Damn Download Accelerator lost it!

So very close! I just don''t think I can go through this emotional roller coaster again!!!

You must Reaper, you must!

Sway, Pyro, Fang and myself are tearing the place up so far! They have turned the debugger off so performance is much better than it was before. We were in a base with about 80 people without nearly the problems we had last night.

Dive in!

Better performance you say? hmm, I wonder if the debugger has been on for the past 6 weeks

I''m doing it! *SOB!!* I... I... okay! *sniff* I''ll do whatever it takes...

Servers came down we are taking a 20 minutes break then headin back for more.

Man I need a vehicle cert. Im so close to 6. With the 2 points I cant get a harasser, wraith, basilisk. To be honest, I really want a Mosquito but I think I need another level (3 certs). Reavers are fun but I found it really hard to hit things.

They definitely need another aircraft. A 2 person Mosquito or Reaver would rock! Maybe an airborne AMS (the remote respawn vehicle). It should prolly be like a galaxy with no gunners for balance reasons.

Heads up kids, the current patch is causing everyone to crash ever five minutes or so. Stay away until they fix it!

Yup fully optimized client = not fully crash proof

Elysium said he was done since we just crashed twice.

I was gonna be done too but if they are fixing they I''ll hang around.

servers are up

one more shot?

Hey guys, are you going to be on Planetside tonight? I sucessfully managed to get going, even though I periodically lock up.

I can shoot things and crash trikes really good! I haven''t seen any combat yet but I''m excited. Just seeing a Galaxy load up in the Sanctuary give me tingles!

We plan to play at 9PM CST, I''ll make a seperate post about it.

Ill be on earlier than that.

I''m going to get my implant(s?)

I''ll also look into a vehicle cert.

I dont think there are any multi person vehicles for 2 certs other than the Harasser though. That thing needs a better gun!

I will once again plea for a 2 person Reaver with a turret. Buzzing ground troops couldnt be more fun.

If youre on Reaper, I''m Blackfang.

BTW no I''m not going to get a mic since then you will find out I''m really a girl and my voice still cracks at age 33. Well the latter is true.