From the Huh? department...

From the Los Angeles Times

He was fired, then rehired? Man, did they ever keep that quiet in the press.

I never knew either had ever taken place.

Not that I''m hunting for Spiderman news.

I think Jake Gylenhaal would have been a mistake.

Tobey just sounds like a young guy with all this power and fame thrown his way that he doesn''t know how to handle any of it.

I dont agree with the Michael Keaton analogies. Batman was a fluke with a great Nicholson performance and was going downhill faster with Keaton on board.

"fangblackbone" wrote:

with a great Nicholson performance

Hell, Jack should get some sort of award for his tirade at the Lakers game the other day.

Ohhh... what kind of tirade?

Here you go. I guess we all know now who should''ve gotten anger management.

Can someone please explain to me why these prima donna celebrities are immune to the rules governing the rest of us lowly peasants? Not that I want to harass a referee at a game, but why don''t I have equal freedom with Jack to be a jerk?

There, I''m done with my tantrum. Guess I need anger management now.

Its annoying when Spike Lee does it at a Knicks game, yet cute when Jack gets all uppty for the Lakers. Does that make me a racist?

I figure they paid for their seats, they can do whatever they want within reason. Nobody seems to mind the drunk nose-bleed seat fans and they are down right mean.