A Night of Planetside

"Yo" wrote:

If you play a game to ''win'' or to get to the end game as quickily as possible, this ain''t it. I liken it to a Sims War kind of thing, where you enjoy (mostly) everything you''re currently doing and not trying to rush to battle rank 20.

Here you have one of my problems, it''s stale mate warfare, nothing every really changes you are just battling back and forth over the same patch of mud again and again. Who can bring themselves to care for any prolonged period of time about that? You can''t make a difference in the war because the war can''t end and there is no dynamic component such as raising fortifications or pushing to new worlds etc. There could be some supply chain management and what not but boy that is would involve some boning sh*t they way things work now, just like guard duty or any other lame but necessary chore for things that can''t care effectively for themselves like bases.

Which is why the fun is in the battle itself, and not nessasarily the gains from it. Though on any given night, the location of the battles are going to depend on what was recently taken. Its a matter of pride, of Outfit braging rights, to go into a locked continent and battle by battle take it away. You have the choice of going where you want, but you''ll have to study the map in order to decide what needs to be taken and where to go from there. And yes, defense can be boring, so can supply runs, or it can be fun.

"Yomm" wrote:

Sure, there ''can'' be a steep learning curve, but that depends on what you want to do. After basic training (VR training) you can just load up a Max and go at it. You won''t be a good one, not till you understand that you''re either an anti-infantry, armor, or air Max, and that means you are in a certain role. Knowing that a NC scattergun Max is going to turn on their shield and try and close in on you as fast as they can, or that a TR Max, once locked down, is an easy attack from the sides, will make your playing much more enjoyable.

I found the need for this training crap to be annoying and boring, and you essential get penalized for skipping it by not having the extra levels. Any time I''m not doing something fun and interesting I''m getting a poor return on my entertainment dollar, I''m probable more sensitive to this in an FPS like game but really I''ve come to that view for all MMP''s these days.

I totally agree with needing to know the strengths and weaknesses of different equipment, but it tends to be a bit rock/paper/scissors for my taste. The PS system does definitely reward you for knowing... and definitely punishes you for not.

You don''t have to go into Virtual Training, if you don''t it doesn''t take long to get the points to cert up anyway. You get points for everything your squad does, so long as you''re in the same contient. And yes, the balance is supposed to be rock/paper/scissors...but you can only be one of them, you''ll need other squad members to balance it out. Otherwise one Empire would completly rule over everyone.

"Yomm" wrote:

As for paying monthly for it, assuming they can deal with lag issues, how can you not expect to pay? All those players cost money to handle, and I believe SoE when they say they will be constantly providing additions. This is much more worth my monthly cash then any ''smack-a-mole'' piece of crap out there. If you''re bored in PS, you must not be doing something right, b/c the model of the game itself provides tons of things for you to be doing, when you want to do it, and consequences to the many other players out there when you do it.

Paying to play AC2, or DAoC (among others) is a boring waste of time (imho).

Well to each their own, course you happen to pick two there that I don''t care much about, but frankly I still don''t buy that they are delivering something ""worth"" a monthly fee versus what is available for free. In the current for free on-line games you always know where stand against somebody else, because you are fresh and equal and only your skill knowledge and team work will make the difference.

I actually think that PS dose not compare well to games like Ac2 or DAOC etc because they are so radically different, so you can say you feel you wasted your money comparably but that is all about the experience you where looking for from the game. In those type of games I''m looking for a very different fantasy Roll play immersion experience with heavy exploration that I can share with a few real world friends and have be unique. They all deliver this horrible but so does planet side, just for different reasons obviously :).

I do think a strong case could be made for this being an environment where cheating could be much more difficult then a lot of the FPS games out, and that could be a selling point, but it is not that way today (just grab a sniffer).

Well, I don''t mind paying to do the same stuff every other massive on-liner does, with the exception that *every* enemy is another player, and the large scale wars will be more impressive then any other game to date. That being said, there hasn''t been a single massive player game that I''ve enjoyed up to now.

"Yomm" wrote:

Btw, to unlearn a cert you lose the skill right away, and 24 hours later have the exact number of points back that you gave up.

Yeah... and where the hell is the fun in that exactly. Stupid design choice IMO.

Well, the other option is to be stuck with your choices and have to re-roll another character. Sound familiar? This way, at least, you can constantly change around without worrying about losing points to something you might not want to be doing. A 24 hour period makes sense though, so you don''t have a whole outfit change into Max outfits while you try to storm a tower.

"Yomm" wrote:

Also, instead of traveling all over, make sure you bind yourself to a close tower or friendly AMS or respawn back to your Santuary, learn any certs you want, and take the HART to whatever location you want.

But I want to travel and explore the world... but wait that is less efficient therefor it must be punished *argh* again, not what I consider good design but whatever. I might just be looking for something PS is not meant to offer in that regard. Expectations are such a mixed bag...

You can get any vehcial you want and go where you want, when you want. You just have to plan a character to do that, and don''t complain if you get smashed for wandering into enemy ground without backup. Unless you go stealth with a wrath, then just look out for enemy sensors.

"Yomm" wrote:

I''ll be happy to address any questions regarding the game.

I think it''s cool that you like it so much, I thought I was going to like it more then I do. Try not to take other people not likely it as much personaly it''s just not a perfect product for everyone just because they like FPS too.

You don''t know me very well. I live for the argument and have no problem sharing my point of view on this game. I''m in an outfit of over 300 players, so whether or not anyone from GWJ joins is entrely moot in my view. It is however, a great concept for a game, and I''ve been a FPS team oriented player for a long time, this is the largest scale epic battle ground I''ve ever had the pleasure to play in.

"Reaper81" wrote:

Only 45% left on the download! Woo-hoo!

1. Are the MAX powered armor in the anti-vehicular role effect against other MAX units?

2. What sort of variety do you really see in the game? Do people tend to stick with one type of unit or do you really get a combined arms warfare?

1) Yes, anti-armor Maxs are effective against other Maxs. AP ammo (armor piercing) effect the armor of Maxs as well, but you better have a $hitload of it, and backup support.

2) You really see a variety. You''d have to or your squad is going to be lacking somewhere. My Outfit has (sometimes) 1 air squad and 1 armor squad, but usually the squads will have 1-2 Maxs, 1-2 engineers (both regular and combat), Hacker/stealth or Hacker/engineer/med, massive transport (Galaxy or Sunderer) and some tanks/airships. Then you have the regular infantry mixed in..medium and heavy weapons guys. Depending on which Empire you join, you''ll have some added advantages in certain situations. For example, if you want to go toe to toe indoors, join New Conglomerate (sp), if you like the spray n'' pray, Terrian Republic is your choice. The Vanu are more open space quick moving kind of guys.

Wow Sway it sounds like you were having a better time than I thought!

That''s some well represented points for a ""Space Filler"".

I played last night after we all left frustrated. Yup I went back for more and ended up playing till 4am. Thats 6 hours straight making the cycle between 3 bases and their towers.

I made a new character. I''m sorry Griffon, I have to disagree with you. The VR Training is fun. Why? because buzzing the trees in a Reaver or Mosquito rocks! Oh wait did I say buzzing? No, I meant slaloming them

The guns are meh. But the VR is a great place to save your favorite configs and test out what works against what and what the alt fire modes do and how much more accurate are you crouched and zoomed in.

Stealth is the way to go!!! Hands down! The first thing I''m going to do is pick darklight implant at level 6. You can play support stealth where you sneak alongside squadmates adding token damage to everything they encounter. The best thing is if your squadmate dies the enemy relaxes but you finish him off.

It is great satisfaction watching someone frantically circle strafe trying to find where theyre being shot from. As soon as they turn to the side, BAM 2 shots to the head.

You can play sniper killer. Ohoho you dont even know the joy this brings. You hear that clank every few second of the sniper gun trying to take out a wall turret from great range. Eventualy if you search you can trace the fire back to its source. Run up the side of the sniper''s cover and when you get close crouch as that makes you more invisible when you move and makes you more accurate. Inch you way in for the kill. Stand there for a few seconds breathing down your preys neck whilst he is oblivious.

Fire 3 shots then step into a shadowy area and watch and wait. The sniper will get up look around and see nothing and assume it was some random luck. He may walk around a bit at which time you can pluck him another round in the back. Another few shots and he''s dead and crying to his squad, ""WTF?""

I actually had an enemy send me a direct tell complementing me! If that is not satisfaction, I dont know what is. Certis knows I''m sure...

I am tempted to try a load out with a couple of grenades. I am also tempted to use the AMP weapon. I dont know if I couldnt unload a full clip of AMP and point blank range and kill the target outright.

Oh did I also mention I am a Combat Engineer? Placing Spitfire turrets is a lot of fun. People are also eternally gratefull when you replenish their armor and repair their vehicles.

So look up Blackfang on Markov, Vanu Sovereignty.

"fangblackbone" wrote:

You can play sniper killer. Ohoho you dont even know the joy this brings.

On the other side, sniping is fun. Very hard in this game though, not sure I like it.

But what I do like is this....and its evil, so I don''t recomend it.

Pick your target.
Send them a /t (tell)
Laugh as they pause to reply to you, standing still.


reply that they shouldn''t stand still in the open while talking to strangers.

"Sway" wrote:
"Gaald" wrote:

Don''t be too surprised

Yeah, no kidding. Like the way movie prices went up and now we get to watch commercials before them? Well then I just stop playing the games, just like I stopped going to the movies. I can play bitter gamer just as good as the next guy.

I have actually all but stopped going to the AMC theaters because of this... the commercials before a film just offends me at a such a primal level I can''t even begin to articulate it. The AMc''s around San Jose have been packing 3 or even more :x. I try to go to the century''s which are less offensive, but really the whole thing is enough to put off going to movies all together.. and they are starting this crap with the DVD''s that you can''t skip over... Madness I tell you. It''s actually getting to the point where I''m considering getting a DVD burner just so I rip the movies then put them back without the crap.

OMG if they have macros so that you can send a predifine msg to your target. Like %T in EQ

""The shadows descend. You sense a presence you cannot quite grasp. Fear envelopes you.""


or tink tink tink tink <pause> KaBOOOM!

"fangblackbone" wrote:

I made a new character. I''m sorry Griffon, I have to disagree with you. The VR Training is fun. Why? because buzzing the trees in a Reaver or Mosquito rocks! Oh wait did I say buzzing? No, I meant slaloming them

I actually never tried the flyer''s in the VR just vehicles and guns, and that bored the hell out of me. My issue with the flight right now is I want *desperately* to use a stick instead of the mouse so it bugs me enough to drive me off... for now. Fortunitly at the time you where starting with 13 Certs so you could just go practice in the real world and actualy gun some guys down to warm up.

I should try the stealth sniper some time, I tried a normal sniper a few time and was pretty disapointed... even head shots got shrugged off half the time... things like that with the cone of fire that can''t be counter balanced by skill aggravate me deeply even though I think there implementation of CoF is really well done.

"griffon" wrote:

I should try the stealth sniper some time, I tried a normal sniper a few time and was pretty disapointed... even head shots got shrugged off half the time... things like that with the cone of fire that can''t be counter balanced by skill aggravate me deeply even though I think there implementation of CoF is really well done.

Can''t use the stealth armor with a rifle. Also, you won''t kill anyone with one shot, has to be 2. Sniping is damn hard in PS, thats for sure.