And to think I used to not like Hockey

I don't care what happens with the rest of the season, just watching the Wild play two _amazing_ game sevens has been worth the price of admission. First NHL team to ever come back twice in one playoff season from a 3-1 game deficit. May, I don't think I sat down once for the entire third period, just paced around the television occasionally shouting at it. Four unanswered goals to come back for the win, oh ... just amazing. I'm speechless. I have no words to describe it. That should tell you something.

Damn Stars...

Stupid Ducks...

God, the Stars are the better team, the Ducks just had amazing luck. We should have beat them.

As with most NHL playoff runs there were some suprises. This year a bit more than most. I never really liked Vancouver, too many bad memories of them running the Jets goalie in the playoffs when Winnipeg still had a team. So I found myself excited when the Wild would score a goal. Besides who wouldn''t cheer for a team with Cliff Ronning playing for them.

Can''t wait to see how the 3rd round pans out.

"Gaald" wrote:

As with most NHL playoff runs there were some suprises.

Yeah, like the Capitals not making it past the first round.

Did some jaded bitter fan just insult the Ducks? Once is luck beating 2 of the top ranked Hockey teams and recent Stanley Cup champions is not.

Ph34r the Quack! You on the bench! Hand over your bread crumbs and we''ll let you live!

I know I should be rooting for the Sharks but... I grew up in LA and I never caught on to the Predators of the Deep while living up here. I don''t really follow Hockey much so I''m totally bandwagon here.

Cyberrays now thats a different story!

Nothing personal Fang, but if you''re a Ducks fan then there''s open war between you and me for the next week or two. The Ducks should be a relaxing change of pace from really tough teams like the Avalanche and Vancouver.

Who to side with?

I really hate the Ducks but I really like the Avs.
Stars are my number one buy the Avs are a close second.

And, the only reason the Ducks are doing well is that their goaltender is just doing a hell of a job. Giguere has done a hell of a job for any goalie, let alone his first time in the playoffs.

Then war it shall be!