Tuesday Night Diablo

Tonight is Tuesday night Diablo my friends, 8PM CST/9PM EST!

I believe we're done act 2 and moving into Act 3 tonight. I could be wrong though.

*Edited time*

Shut up Reaper.

Covers mic and leans over to Certis

Pssstt! EST is an hour ahead.

what the'' ... at 7, I just got home from work. I thought we have it at 8est. as usual!

Since when is 8PM EST usual? I thought it was always 8 CST?

er.... bnet US east is down right now I''ll update if I can get back in

EDIT: I can''t access Blizzard.com at all at the moment

2ND EDIT: OK is it just me or was everyone else having probs with therealm being down? I can get into the realm again now but blizzards website still seems to be down

8) Yes!... it was fun see... but i tell you what see... we kicked some **** see...

...see you guys on Tuesday!

...see you guys on Tuesday!

Hell I''m off for 10 days inbetween my GF using my PC I''ll be around most evenings I would imagine!