Netflex? (flix? whatever...)

I signed up for Netflix, thinking it would be a nice Mother's Day present for Mrs. Yomm.

Anyone else using this service? Like it?

My sisiter and brother in law love it. They''ve been usuing it for about a year and a half, and have not had one complaint. They seem to get lots of hard to find movies as well as the big name stuff.

I was going to write a full and detailed rant, but I thought better of it. They service is great and very easy and intuitive. I was able to watch all the anime I that I can''t afford to buy. It''s a great way to avoid the problem of walking into Blockbuster and not remembering any movie you wanted to see. You just fill up your queue any time you think of a movie. I was a huge fan of Netflix.

However, their customer service is awful. It''s beyond awful. Their discs are falling into bigger and bigger disrepair and you rarely, if ever, get a movie you can watch all the way through without it skipping. On two occasions I received movies that were uplayable they were so scratched up. There are checkboxes on the sleeves for ""Disc is unplayable"" and ""Please send a replacement"". I checked the boxes both times and they never sent replacements. I had to log back into the site and re-add it to my queue. And when I finally got the replacement, it was the exact same disc in a new sleeve. It stopped playing at the exact same spot in the movie. I wrote a long and specific e-mail to customer service that explained the problem and also said that it was not my DVD player because DVDs I owned played fine. A couple days later I received a lovely form reply that suggested my DVD player needed cleaning thank you very much have a nice day. Between that issue and the fact that they are vicious advertising spammers, I had to quit.

I miss the concept, but I don''t miss Netflix.

So far I''ve been very pleased, and haven''t had any need to be blown off by customer service. While the DVDs are in questionable condition from time to time, I''ve been lucky so far and not had one skip. Their collection is deep and tremendous.

And if you''re really bored, you can read

An Analysis of Netflix''s DVD Allocation System:

There are several people that do this stuff, you might want to take a look at them. For instance, finding one with a distribution center on the East Coast is very important to me, so that the DVDs dont lag for like 3 days.

I also found several that rent XBox, PS2 and GC games, but I cant find any of those in my bookmarks. I found one that I was going to subscribe to when I got a job, and now I cant find it anywhere. Grr

"Yomm" wrote:

I signed up for Netflix, thinking it would be a nice Mother''s Day present for Mrs. Yomm.

Anyone else using this service? Like it?

I have been using them for years, only regret I have is I canceled once for a while and when I came back the prices had changed. I''m not to fond of the current price structure, I think 4 for $20 was really fair and about about where things should be. Never the less I still subscribe. I have tried a few other services and found them to be a bit substandard in comparison and they cost just as much.