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The Checkered Flag

During a drunken mishap at a NASCAR race, young Flynn Cartwright was exposed to the many hazardous chemicals found on pit road.

After waking from a wicked hangover, he realized his alcholism had steped up to an incrediable level whereby his existance required an even larger consumption of beer. Due to some unknown bio-chemical evolution within him, Flynn's body began to process the beer in incrediable ways allowing a constant film of slick grease covering his form, making him impossible to detain with any normal means.
With a thought, he is able to raise his body tempature to insane levels, allowing the grease on his body to set flame to any object he touches, and posseses the ability outrun any patrol car.

Dressed in fadded jeans with a Jeff Bodine shirt and proud of his bold black/white mullet ('buisness in the front, party in the back, ya'll'), the Checkered Flag is the protector of every mobile home campground for miles around Martinsville, VA.

Shiat I have the image of this mullet-wearing presence burned in my brain already! Would be a great X-villain if you ask me.

The Seer

A cryptic speaking hooded figure escorted by one of Fates Spirit mistresses. This hunched individual surrounds himself in a cloak of regenerative and rejuvenative powers. While this cloak is worn the Seer is nothing more than a bent over rickety old man with limited precognitive powers. Removal of the cloak reveals a 7'' 300 lbs giant that can redirect trajectories of objects in a small 4'' area around him. With enough focus he can redirect the forces drawing him to the earth and levitate or use a quick burst to dramatically increase his jump distance.

Other than shear brute strength, the Seer''s main attack involves enhancing and focusing the forces holding him to the earth into small moving rifts at his foes. He can also pinpoint one of these eruptions underneath the opponent, flipping them.

The Seer can administer the regenerative powers in a limited basis to others while wearing the cloak.

The Seer cannot live outside of the cloak for more than 2 days. His massive form and force redirecting abilities weaken and damage his bones, making regenerating in the cloak a necessity.