EA.com down?

I know some of you people go to that site for gaming news. I am unable to reach that site for the last days now. Is it down or something similar? Or is my IP just blocked ;).

You mean Evil Avatar? I can get in fine.

thanks for the information. that is strange though. Ok I will try anonymizer now.
Update: It works with Anonymizer now, so it seems the IP or the IP range is blocked. I will leave him an email.

Quick question, why would they block your IP? Im hoping there is a somewhat amusing response.

"Pyroman[FO" wrote:

""]Quick question, why would they block your IP? Im hoping there is a somewhat amusing response.

You either bashed the X-Box or said something nice about Sierra.

The IPs in Germany are granted dynamically. So it is not necessarily me they want to block. You don''t have the same IP on a regular basis. It may as well be that their host is blocking the T-dialin.net IP range for whatever reason.

So in the end if they wanted to block my IP I would as well like to know why :D. I can''t remember bashing the XBox or adoring Sierra, but I did say several times that emulation is a good thing. Am I on the blacklist now?

Chris, I assume you''re a T-DSL user. I''ve been experiencing the same problem since last Friday (thus no posts), same for other friends I asked. If you do a ""tracert evilavatar.com"" in a DOS box or something (or ""traceroute"" under Linux/Unix) you''ll see that the signal doesn''t make its way past the 10th gateway (which comes after broadwing.net). For some reason it appears to block attempts of T-Online users to get past that server. If you connect through another ISP you''ll see that EA is up and working. I, for instance, can connect to the server of my college via SSH and access aforementioned site. The only recommendation I have: complain at the ISP''s service hotline. A lot. And note that you''re likely to switch to another ISP if things don''t get fixed, that kinda speeds it up.

indeed, also a dns lookup of that 11th hop says that it is not existant, interesting.
About switching ISPs: Since T-Online is the only mostly reliable and ""cheap"" provider in Germany I fear I have to stick to them. Most of the other providers either have downtimes often or are really expensive.
I would advise against calling the hotline. I have a friend working here in Dortmund at a call center. One group at that callcenter also does the hotline for T-Online. So everytime you call them you are actually being redirected to that call center. And from what he has told me about the people working at that hotline there is no way I will call them :).
But thanks for the tip with the tracert. I should have come up with that myself. I think I will leave them an email, that does not cost me as much money ;).

Oh, drop a note if you have a reliable email addy to complain at. The official service at their homepage is down due to maintenance currently. Of course, since I never attempted to use that before, I do not know how long that ''maintenance'' is going meanwhile already ... if you know what I mean. As for their service hotline, if you complain the right way they''ll direct you to one of the tech hotline who actually know their stuff once in a while.

ok that was where I wanted to leave an email to :). I''ll let you know if I can get hold of a working address.