God, how I love irony


In summary:

Oil company donates land to Conservatory who messes it up even more.


Is there anything more delicious then good ole fashioned irony?
Me thinks not.

Best case I''ve seen yet for opposing ''environmental friendly'' drilling! Thanks for some liberal-nutjob ammo!

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

"Elysium" wrote:

Best case I''ve seen yet for opposing ''environmental friendly'' drilling! Thanks for some liberal-nutjob ammo!

whoa there!

*walks away grumbling*

And, as for you blatherboy

It''s been two days and I still can''t think of a witty retort to Elysium''s comment. Just to let you know, I''m still working on it......

You should private message me when you get one. I''m looking forward to reading it.

I expect it will be quite good, what with all the work you''re putting in.

How about something along the lines of...

Yo momma!

Maybe we can expand upon this:

Yo momma so fat...

Yo momma''s so fat that if she were president, she''d''ve sunk the carrier when she landed on it.

Yo momma''s so fat that Osama bin Ladin wanted to fly a jet into her to knock her over.

Yo momma''s so fat that Haliburton is bidding to drill her for oil.

Yo momma so fat she got smaller fat woman orbiting around her.

I''ve consulted several noted politicians and members of the press concerning you mother''s weight problem, and here is what they had to say:

George W. Bush: ""If you''re not skinny, you''re with the terrorists.""

George H.W. Bush: ""Read...my...lips: no...new...tacos!""

Bill Clinton: ""I did not have sexual relations with that woman...yo momma. No, seriously, it''s physically impossible to do that.""

Sen. Rick Santorum: ""If the court permits that, then it permits incest, then it permits bigomy, then it permits adultery.""

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf: ""Our initial assessment is that she is as skinny as a palm tree.""

Osama bin Ladin: ""You must resist the fat infidel and kill it where it lives.""

Jacques Chirac: ""I think she should shut her mouth.""

CNN''s Aaron Brown: ""This just in...Xenadrine can help her weight problems. Xenadrine can be found in fine health food stores.""

Fox News: ""Yes, is she ever fat. Coming up, our survey of 500 average Republicans is complete and we now project George W. Bush will win reelection with a whopping 100% of the vote. But first, it''s the quarter hour, time for our National Anthem followed by ''God Bless America.''""

MSNBC''s Chris Matthews: ""My God, she looks like Ariel Sharon has eaten Marlon Brando, who''s eaten Rush Limbaugh, who''s eaten Jabba the Hutt.""

Sports columnist Bob Ryan: ""She needs someone to smack her.""

You make it sound as if G-dub wants a war on Obesism (yes I know the proper word is obesity)

""My fellow Americans, fat people are evil. I am now going to introduce my Evil Axis of Fat. Krispy Kreme, Haagen Dazs (curiously French sounding), Ben and yes Jerry too, anything with fat in it. This includes Fatburger, fate, fatah and Arafat. Even lowfat and nonfat because we now they have fat no matter how small an amount.

McDonald''s stopped development on the McLean Deluxe so theyre on the Axis of Fat. I cant resist those nuggets from Burger King. I suspect brain washing so theyre on the Axis of Fat. Jack in the Box introduced new salads so theyre off the hook. Be warned. Lose the salads and youre back on the Axis of Fat. All greasy spoons and those that support them will have their large assets frozen.

Furthermore, French vanilla will now be called Freedom Vanilla.

Dear God no. I may not have liked the man before, but if he declares war on Krispy Kreme, by God, Ill have to start some sort of Sugary Pastry Resistance. Viva la Revolution!