It's a sad day

To those of you who have ever traveled to New Hampshire you have seen this on every license plate and every highway sign.

It's as memorable as the state motto on every license plate "Live Free or Die".


The Old Man of the Mountain, the beloved granite formation that symbolized the rugged independence of New Hampshire, has crumbled, leaving the Granite State to mourn ''The Great Stone Face'' immortalized by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

I guess all things do in fact come to an end.

Damn, did they fire an ATGM at it or something, terror attack? Piece of stone doesn''t look like it would crumble fast.

About 7 years ago I read that this could happen, but they stuck so many steel rods into it they said they ""fixed"" the problem. I guess they were wrong.

I wonder if my NH state Quarter is going to be worth more than $.25 now?