Silicon Knights to remake Metal Gear Solid

I'm sure you have all read the news. What do you think?

I think it is cool that they are remaking it. I would have rather saw ED2 and Too Human come out this year or be at e3.

Even though I wasn''t a big fan of ED, I was happy to see another company with a high quality original title for the GCN.

I would rather see them pursuing an original idea instead of another remake, even if it''s another game I end up not liking, at least it would be something new.

That''s how I feel. I loved MGS but I beat it 3 times. Unless SK adds a lot and makes it feel new, It won''t be on my most wanted list. I''ll still buy it but I''m not going to go gagga over it.

I want ED2 and Too Human.


Because Capcom remade RE? Is this going to be a new trend?

I don''t blame SK at all for this one. I''m sure it was an attractive contract and I''m sure they will do a bang up job but...

Is this some kind of, ""Well the original sold millions so if we remake it, we can get a healthy percentage of millions to buy it if we repackage it and apply some new extra special sheen!""?

I never liked the MGS series, but I''m very curious about this new game. I heard Miyamoto was working on it. Wonder what they''ll do...