Holy warp drive! EF2 demo tomorrow!

From Blue's News

Wow. Didn't expect this one coming.

Wow! That''s surprising and really good news.

Unfortunately, it''s only an SP demo, so no U.S.S. Gamers with Jobs server just yet.

Should I, as a non-Star Trek geek, give a damn? I''m just not sure if these are good games. I mean, isn''t Star Trek based around non-violence or something?

That was old Trek. New Trek involves blasting every critter in sight. Check out the official trailer and see for yourself.

Yeah, this should be a fun FPS regardless of the franchise.

Well, it''s just that I seem to remember that ST games have traditionally sucked(based on reviews), but I''ve never really tried one. I''ll wait for a download link then!

I really liked the two ST Classic-based adventure games Interplay released like 10-12 years ago.

Yes, but the CD versions were better:

""This isn''t a microwave, Jim!""

""Bones. Why do they call you Bones?""

""Hey Spock old buddy old pal!""

It''s out now. Start downloading.

Not if its not MP.

And I cant join a GWJ away team!

This demo looks fantastic and runs fantastic and my system is average at best. Kinda promising for people who don''t want to upgrade every 3 months.