Hi'ya everyone... Today is Friday ! So, are we having the Diablo2 game today... because I'm debating about playing Diablo or going to see the X2 movie. However if we are playing then I'll see it Monday...

I plan in playing.

Like normal, I''ll be off and on most of the day.

I''ll be on and off all day too!

There''s a better than average chance I''ll be playing this afternoon and everning. Since you can alt-tab out of D2, if someone could keep the forum up to date on where all the action is, that would be nice.

currently me and fang and gaald are playing (sways dissapeard into the ether!) gwjd2 pass:stan

(Just practice and not with official characters)
EDIT: finished now!

gaald left to see x2

keg and i are still up for playing

official chars in an hour? 9est 6pst?

Game on!
Name: GWJ_D2
Pass: stan

Great game again folks! hope those of you who missed tonight can turn up on Tuesday!

To sum up; we kicked butt and... a.... nah we just kicked butt! ""Back to inferno you dirty demon,"" I say...

Seriously, we had fun... kill few things, tell few jokes, ...die while telling a joke... which was funny! So thanks everyone... and see you on tuesday!

Also if anybody will be going through Act2 again... please make a post because i need my necro in Act3 and leveled, because its a bit of a pain with necro''s to make it through the last Boss in Act2... also what''s Character level limit for Tuesdays game..?

I think it''ll be 21-22 Nei! (that''s what I''m at anyway)

Morning all! Sorry I couldn''t be there last night, I had an unfortunate day at work and I drowned my sorrows in some comic book fanboy-indulgence. (IE X2)

I''m in Act II right now playing a catch-up game with my woefully inadequate paladin.


I''ll be on soon, I''ve got to catch up!

If anyone''s up for some D2, I''m about to start a gwj_d2/stan game.