Help! Another D2 thread - Free Stuff

Guys I would feel totally guilty if i sold this stuff. Please take it of my hands. I have no room left in my stash. Is everybody else finding this cool stuff?

Berserkers Hauberk set piece with +1 barb skills

Hellplague unique longsword with +2 to fire skills, 5% life/mana steal and more

Isenharts light brand set piece broad sword

rare paly shield with +damage% and tons of resists

Necro shrunken head with +1 necro skills, +2 summon resist, and 27% cold resist

HELLPLAGUE?! I''ll be there!

Oh, Gaald, I also have another piece of your set that I found today.

OOh the isenheart stuff I would love to get please don''t sell.

Fang... can i get my hands on the Necro stuff? If yes... when and how? Thx.

d2_gwj pass Stan

I''ll probably be playing a bit tonight. I''ve had a long and dreadful week so far, and I''d love to get in some time slashing stuff with magic weapons for a while. I''ll be online after 9:00 CST.

Nei post the time and place and I''ll try and pass it over to ya.

Gaald the sword is yours whenever you want to get it too.

This just in...

Up for grabs is Crushflange Unique Mace!

It has piddly damage (6-17) but a whopping 33% chance of crushing blow!

This means you have a 33% chance of reducing a monsters hit points by 50%. It does not count on bosses or champions.

Crushflange also has 15 strength and 50% fire resist on it.

This would be a prime candidate to use the socket item quest on to add more damage. Maybe put a nasty perfect emerald in it. OMG a Barb dual wielding these is scary!

Don''t ask me how I''m getting this stuff. I only have about %50 magic find. I wonder if Sorc''s get a natural bonus for magic find? Either that or I play too much and I''m really lucky.