Rep. questions Haliburton's dealings with terrorist nations

From the San Francisco Chronicle

Seems to violate the presidents black & white "If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists" doctrine. Makes you wonder if Haliburton is a French company if it was profiting of off deals with acknowledged terrorist sponsoring regimes.

This is only really relevant if it can be proved that somehow illegalities or improprieties happened under Cheney''s watch or more particularly with his knowledge. Otherwise it''s just another US company breaking the rules, and has little to do with the actual politics of the whole thing. After all, if every politician was indicted with those companies engaged in illegal practices that funded their campaign or their agendas we''d have to hold our officials to a higher standard, and God knows we don''t want to start doing that.

Damn, I almost got through that one without and leftist rhetoric!

Does it really matter if Cheney was involved? It was a US company involved with ""murderous killers"" of Iran, Libya, and Iraq. If it were any other group, say an Islamic charity, they''d drag the executives out in handcuffs.

I think it would dramatically change its relevance. There''s a clear difference between just another company abusing third-world people, and an American company under the direction of the Vice-President doing such.