Name the best deal you ever got on a game

I just got one 15 minutes ago:

Silent Hunter 2 for only $9.99!

The most recent one I still remember: $5 for the Homeworld&HW: Cataclysm bundle. I also got Total Annihilation for like $3 - the soundtrack alone justifies the purchase of the game.

99 cents for Freespace 2. This one place had a warehouse of older games and was selling them all for 99 cents. I got several good games that way, but now I cant remember the site for the life of me. It was posted on''s forums. Anyone got the link, if they still exist?

Earthsiege, right when it came out for five bucks! God bless the ignorant fools at the Wausau Shopko!
I think their pricing gun must have malfunctioned!

Honestly? As is readily apparent in recent days, buying Diablo 2 when it came out 4 years ago for $54.11 including tax.

Paying $9.99 for a game that gives you 40-60 hours of play is a great bargain.

Paying $54.11 for a game would have to provide 240-360 hours to be comparable. Seeing as I have probably gotten a good 40 hours just in the last week playing Diablo 2, its reasonable to assume I have gotten much more over the last 4 years. I have created probably close to 40 characters that I''ve played at least 4-6 hours to get to level 20ish. Thats 160-240 hours minimum. There are at least 10 characters I have spent 20+ hours on to get to level 50+. Thats another 200 hours which pays for the $54.11 I payed for the LoD expansion.

The highest character I ever had in the original game was a level 48 Barbarian that bashed his way to Act 2 in hell difficulty all by his lonesome. He had a Holy Winged Helm that had more AC than the Rare Mesh armor he wore. Normal difficulty takes around 16 hours solo. The nightmare and hell difficulties take a little longer to complete, especially solo. So more than 40 hours was spent on this character alone!

I LOVE finding deals. Here''s a few:
Anachronox - $4.99
Emperor of Dune - $2.99
101st Airborne Division - $0.99
Myth II Worlds - $4.99
Brutal: Paws of Fury - $0.01
Neverhood - $3.00
And that''s just some of ''em. Best places to get deals are Gamestops, EB''s with used games, Thrift Stores, and yes, Ross''.

$20 just garnered me Metal Gear Solid 2 (original - never got around to it when it was released,) a replacement copy of Ico, Balder''s Gate: DA and [size=9]Ephemeral Fantasia[/size] was thrown in for free.

A good deal from a friend of mine, though not as good as some stuff I''ve found garagesaling.

11 dollars on Baldurs Gate 2, and Planescape:torment for 10 dollars (it came bundled with another game tho...)

I''d have to say Diablo 2+LODfor the hours played v money spent best value game ever, with Baldurs Gate 2 and Planetscape Torment coming in a close second.

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