NCSoft to publish Phantagram titles. What's with Duality?

Articles about the NCSoft E3 lineup:

yeah I know teamxbox is mean, but at least they report about this. Anyway no word about Duality in that lineup in both articles. I hope this supersweet cyberpunk action game does not get canned. Anyone got contacts to get information about what is up with that game and phantagram/trilobite in general?
I sent an email to trilobite once, but never got a reply...

Here is a video (ingame they say):

IGN article:

trilobite site:

Deus Ex2 and Duality are probably the most anticipated games this year for me. However I'm not worried about DX, but I'm concerned with Duality... when I saw the first preview, I put it on top of my list labeled ""Must Get!" But now as the time passes not a whisper, even though I heard that they will show it of on E3. I hope they didn''t cancel it... that would be a major bummer!

well sad and good news at the same time. Duality is not cancelled but it is put on hold until 2004


Well it some what of a good news... that it''s still coming. However I don''t care if i have to wait as long as polish it to be a game that would realy worth playing.....