v1.10. Not released... but holy crap!



It's official, I'm willing to wait eleventy billion years for v1.10 now. My next question is... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT AURA ON THE BARB?! WHO CAN ANSWER ME?!! OH JESUS!

I'm really hoping they're going to activate some really crazy features lying dormant in the game. There's different crap like doing more damage based on what time of day it is, boots damage (ala the paladin's shield damage for smite), kicks which were originally in the game for all characters as evidenced by barrel smashing fun, and I was going to say unique jewels... but that particular prayer has been answered. 8)

-Trebek:"And you wagered, eleventy billion dollars. There is no such number."


If they actually are working on this, I wonder how far the changes go? Skill revamps? That unique jewel is nuts!

That''s gotta be a fake. I mean, come on! Chain lightning when you die?

Nope, this is from the official battle.net Diablo2X website.

I''ll dig around on www.diabloii.net and show you some things that enterprizing modders have dug up in the gigabytes of Diablo2 files.
There have been a couple of things pointed out regarding the screenshot. Cain is now near the Act V waypoint (he''s almost impossible to see but he is there, right near the stone wall), a new type of possible axe-wielding Barbarian hireling was spotted, and a possible Unique Sacred Armor was sighted under the pop up text for the Unique Jewel.


Admittedly, a lot of these are hacked and duped items but all of the stats are just sitting dormant in the game.

Example: Look at how the stats change on the Crusader Bow as the day/night cycle changes and also what the devil does +14 to Left Hand Swing mean?

Heh, you think Frozen Orb is powerfull now.

I hacked my single player diablo 2 to make it do poison damage rather than cold.

OMG! All I can say is monsters in hell must have some terrific cold resistance and next to nill poison resistance as well as relying on their fast regen too much.

Stuff that took 5 shots of cold Frozen Orb, died in a hair more than one shot of Poison Frozen Orb! In Hell! Thats insane!

Heh, I also changed the Druid to summon 7 spirit wolves, 5 dire wolves, and 2 grizzlies. Of course it was not all at once.

I never did understand why a Necro could summon 20 Skeletons, 20 Mages, 20 Revives and a Golem, yet the druid had to choose either or. I dont think it is too overbalanced to allow one set of wolves and a bear to be summoned.

I also changed Magic Shot and Guided Arrow to work with javelins. That was a lot of fun. You would see a lot more variety of javazons that didnt rely on Lightning fury if you could use some of the bow tree skills.