Pilot Wings Rumours

You may or may not have heard about already: according to rumours Factor 5's second game could be a new Pilot Wings title. Ok, it's a C&VG story, but IF it was true, it would be great news. I loved previous two games and always wondered why they didn't have one for GC in development yet. (And yes, I also can see why other people consider them boring - I like them nonetheless.)


That would be pretty sweet. I was hoping for a Factor 5 action game...

I loved the original SNES Pilot Wings, but I could never really get into the N64 version. The main problem was I bought a near-launch Japanese N64 and couldn''t understand anything the instructor was saying. (although I assume from the beeping it was something like ""Dear god! Pull up! You''ll kill us all! AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGH"" *BOOOM*)