Where have all the Half Life 2 previews gone?

Today's the day the NDA expired, but shouldn't we be seeing a whole bunch of online previews? You'd think they'd be innundating us with previews by now...

Maybe all the sites realized that they all have the same handfull of screen shots, and that aside from a few tidbits, they have absolutely nothing to tell us. I for onw, am kinda happy there''s not much coverage. There''s been a few games where I felt like I already played it, since there were so many screen shots released before the game that they pretty much posted every single frame of the game.

It might be more likely that only magazine reporters got invited to the Half-Life 2 press conference.

A ton came out last night. Look now.

Someone save me the effort and summarize them all.

Just get a PC Gamer mag, they have the whole thing...

Someone save me the effort and summarize them all.

Good and damn good

Yeah, I recommend reading them all, they all seem to have nifty details the other missed

The first HL will always be my favorite FPS game so I am anticipating the second more than any game I could ever remember.

what about DE2? It should be out same itme as HL2!