Who Wants Diablo 2.5 or Diablo 2 Gold?

The key here is to note the renewed interest in Ultima Online once it introduced the 3D client and made an expansion or two.

If they ported D2 over to the Warcraft 3 engine, then spiced some existing content up, added a new character class and maybe some cool side quests or a side act, many people would be foaming at the mouth to get their hands on it.

Chew on this:

Male and female counterparts for all classes

New dazzling 3D spell effects and better model representations for equiptment

A new class

Revamped quests to make unused portions of the game desirable. (ref: stony tomb, the cave, the hole, the later sewers, etc.)

A brand new act filled with side acts. Maybe another lesser evil like Andariel.

A few new skills for each class to replace unused ones.

Suggestions: a better high end Druid elemental spell; another damage vine with more power or the ability to summon more than one poison vine; a Nova like AoE melee attack for paladins or barbs; remove the lightning from death sentry; make a high end assasin trap that shoots her stars (poison??); a high end bone shield for necros that works like the assasins blade shield; a lightning shooting hydra for sorceresses; rework necro skeletons to be like druid wolves; give amazons a better high end poison javelin attack; make guided arrow and magic shot or maybe most of the bow tree work with javelins; an assasin Nova spell with shuriken or perhaps like frozen orb with throwing shuriken (no cold effect); a druid elemental spell with thorns sprouting from the ground like the monster in the first part of act 5

Where do your thought lie?

"fangblackbone" wrote:

Male and female counterparts for all classes

That''d work for guys who like magic but hate having to keep the Barbarians from hitting on their sorceress.

Edit: 8 hours later and I notice the error...

If they ported D2 over to the Warcraft 3 engine, then spiced some existing content up, added a new character class and maybe some cool side quests or a side act, many people would be foaming at the mouth to get their hands on it.

Frankly, I just assumed that''s what Diablo III was going to be. Hell, I''d snatch it up in a heart beat.

If thats what it is, then whats the hold up?

I mean we should have seen the Blizzard marketing machine rev up the start of its 2 year cycle by now.

Thats what scares me. Once they start the marketing hype its 2 years away.

I can''t handle 2+ more years without new Diablo.

All the wannabes released post LOD only feeds the hunger...

Well the WC3 expansion''s been announced so maybe when its released I can make my own Diablo 3.

I would rather see them release a new Starcraft expansion pack.

Have a few new units per race. Some interface enhancements (idle worker, subgroups from WCIII) and 3 new campaigns that wrap up the plotline started in the first game.

Guaranteed it would sell millions.

I''d like to see Diablo 3 using a spanky 3-d engine like Age of Mythology, more unique, set and craftable items, that would kick ass!, I''d also like to see Starcraft 3 again with a good 3-d engine.

I think part of what makes Blizzard such a strong developer is that they seem to wait for inspiration rather than being pushed into advancing a franchise. Don''t get me wrong, I''d love to play a new Diablo, but I seriously doubt that we''ll see one before Blizzard has a strong concept for the game, and a passion for creating it. I for one respect this immensely in a day of quickly packaged rehashes.

Im sure you know that Starcraft is developed by Blizzard in Irvine (near LA) and Diablo is developed by Blizzard North in San Mateo (near San Francisco). So I doubt that Blizzard North would be working on anything Starcraft or Warcraft. Though, Blizzard North did help beta test Warcraft 3.

I''m sure Blizzard North are involved helping Nihilistic work on Starcraft:Ghost in some part since Nihilistic (in Marin) is a lot closer to San Mateo than Irvine. Sorry for those not familiar with California geography.

Regardless, I am jonesing for Blizzard North ""quickly packaged rehash.""

The Warcraft 3 Expansion cant come soon enough either.

I hope that expansion pack REALLY overhauls the War III. As it stands its a pretty awful multiplayer game. All anyone ever does is either rush early with the starter units or fly through the tech tree to get Griffons/Chimeras/Witchdoctors.

Compared to the strategic diversity in Starcraft, its downright shameful.

Well said Sinatar, I love Blizzard games but refuse to play Warcraft 3 in multiplayer as I thought it was seriously imbalanced and was constantly getting my ass handed to me within 10 minutes. I''m normally pretty good with RTS''s (TA best RTS ever!) but this I''ve steered clear of. (multiplayerwise anyway)

I''m in the War3x beta and I haven''t played in nearly two weeks. Why? Because everytime they tweak something it makes something else uber. There''s great screen shots out there of massed spellbreaker armies fighting each other, stealing each other''s buffs. It''s a little ridiculous.

I would love to play War3x multi without rushing immediately to a massed unit but there''s no point. If you don''t do it, you''ll get massacred. Some of the new hero changes are awesome, if you already own War3, I recommend picking up the expansion come June.

straight from an unnamed programmer there: diablo3(d) is coming along nicely. their other unnamed game has gone through so many iterations noone really knows what it''s going to end up as. this is 3 years into development now.

you didn''t hear it from me....


Even if this were to turn out to be complete and utter BS (and I''m not suggesting it is), you''ve warmed a cold dark place in my heart, just a little bit.

When I took a tour of Blizzard North, I was ushered past a slightly cracked door. My guide said,"" And you''re not supposed to look over there. Thats secret stuff in there."" I didn''t look and couldn''t see anything if I did look anyways. A few months later SC:Ghost was announced so I figured it was probably that. Now I''m a little more intrigued...

However, consider the source. Mr. Sephirah Duloc indeed! Or should I say Mrs.? Seeing as this lower than low human being left us high and dry in AC2 after a few weeks! Not only that he is marrying the cousin of one of my good friends! The scoundrel! I will eagerly anticipate your appearance on Jerry Springer...