NFL Draft

It's been a while since we talked sports and considering I resisted posting a few weeks back about the Yankees going into Minnesota and destroying the Twins, outscoring them something like 28-3 in the 3 games, I thought now would be as good a time as any. Oh, Elysium and any other Twins fan, I'm accepting applications until the end of the month for membership in the "I hate the Yankees" fan club. I've already gotten Sway on board, it only took 2 words "Jeffery Maire (sp)".

I have to admit that I watched about 7 hours of NFL Draft coverage this weekend. The Pats take Ty Warren with their first pick, it should help out with their piss poor run defense as well as help pressure the QB. Something that was missing big time last year.

The Madden 2004 commercials were pretty damn funny. Particularly the Charles Rogers one. <singing,hazed> I'm Charles Rogers...I caught 79 passes last year...</singing,hazed>

good stuff.

Anyone else watch the draft or have an opinion on their team?

Yankees fans will be banned. Just a heads up.

Normally I''d be extremely excited about the NFL draft, but every year it''s the same story. Cincinatti drafts someone and ruins their career, two or three big names make asses of themselves by holding out for ridiculous money and then under performing on the field. Honestly, I think the Giants had the best rookie in years with Jeremy Shockie. He''s just the quintessential football player.

Like I was saying, normally I''d be excited, but I''m too enthralled with the Stanley Cup Playoffs. After the Wild came back from being down 3 games to 1 only to defeat the Avalanche at the Pepsi Center on the seventh game in overtime, well I latched myself firmly to that bandwagon and can''t stop talking about Manny Fenandez, Wes Walz, or Darby Hendrickson long enough to talk about any other sport. Now with bad blood brewing between the lousy Canucks (Damn Candians!) and our heroic Wild, and the 1-1 series coming to Minnesota, Football will just have to wait.

2 sacks!

Full of laundry!

Ray Lewis!

Keep in mind that I''m a U. of Oregon & Seattle Seahawks fan here.

I''m pretty happy with the ''Hawks draft. Even though they need help on the d line, I don''t think you can pass up a talent like Trufant with that first round pick. I was surprised that he fell to there. Overall, I''m happy with their draft.

I was unhappy to see Ducks Onterrio Smith and Keenan Howry go to Minnesota, because I hate Minnesota. Boooooooo... George Wrightster going to Jacksonville made me happy.

The first round was fun and filled with a bit more excitement than past years. After the first 5 picks played out just like everyone expected them to, the trades and Vikings botching of their pick was good stuff.

Carson Palmer is going to bust. He has the physical skills, but I just don''t buy into him yet. He had 1 good year at USC, but a very average college career when you add it up. Plus, he''s going to the Bengals... The freakin'' Bengals...

Byron Leftwich was a great pick for Jacksonville. He''s going to be a great pro QB. This guy has guts to spare. I fell in love with him in that game where his ankle was hurt and his O-line was carrying him down the field to the line of scrimmage after every play.

Buffalo will look really smart in 2 years for picking McGahee in the 1st round. I have a feeling he''s going to be a great pro, too.

Well, those are my thoughts for now.

I''m all for a ban on Yankee fans!
I had to spend the weekend with the in-laws, who are bigtime Met and Yankee fans, needless to say they feasted on me. It was brutal. If I have to hear ""1918"" one more time....

I was never a big Ray Lewis fan, but man he makes me laugh. The 2 sacks commercial was pretty good as well. But just his face when he was singing along with Charles Rogers was so damn funny.

Leftwich is a stud, I think he was the best QB in the draft. I think Palmer will be ok, but it''s going to be tough starting out on a team with so many problems. They''ll have to stick with him through some ugly times if they want him to be successful. Bledsoe went through some of the ugliest times I''ve ever seen early in his career, but Parcells stuck with him and he turned out to be a pretty good QB.

I agree about the Bills. Not only did they get better in the Draft, but Takeo Spikes, Sam Adams ( and Sam Gash are great additions in free agency. They could pose a problem in 2 years.

The Charger''s did ok we seem to have our defensive backfield in order now with our first two picks being corner back''s and Quentin Jammer from last years draft. I am still a little angry with the questionable trade of Seau to the Dolphins, but I guess getting tickets to the monday night game when the Dolphins come here should be fun.