New Forum Topic

Elysium, a couple of weeks ago you proposed a new forum topic about multiplayer gaming. I think with all of the Diablo 2 and Ravenshield the community has been playing it wouldn't be a bad idea to start a new forum dedicated exclusively to our game nights etc.

Just a though...
Think it would help clear some of the "clutter" out of the games forum.

We''ve been considering it Scoli but it''s a tough call. Things are a bit crazy in the games forums at the moment but it all depends on how long Diablo II (or any game) really lasts for us. I''m enjoying it right now but I also know I''ll get tired of it sooner or later.

The only reason not to make a seperate forum is that seperate forum = less traffic and less chance someone will notice a game they enjoy is going to be played.

I''m open to comments and suggestions though, what do you guys think?

I honestly think we''ll get tired of D2 pretty quickly and not play again for a long time. It''s a good idea but is there really enough going on to warrant a new area? that for me is the longest time I,ve spent online outside of LAN game sessions in a LOOOONG time....I don''t know, tough call.

We may get tired of D2 soon, but I''m fairly sure that our community is tight and we will enjoy playing games with each other for a long time. I know that there will always be games we want to play online together.

You need a Planetside forum topic.

Although it may end up being visited less I think a seperate Online game forum wouldn''t be such a bad idea as it would be an easy way to find a game someone might have thrown up if you feel like playing something.

"Gaald" wrote:

someone might have thrown up if you feel like playing something.

I just wanted to quote this out of context.

"Sway" wrote:

I...wanted...out of [the gay bar].

heh heh, you''re right. Thats fun.


At least he was nice when he said out of the bar.