Will you Watch?

While I certainly don''t always agree with the Israeli responses, I find that I have a tremendously difficult time sympathizing with the Palestenian political position. They''ve clearly decided that state sponsored terrorism, while distasteful perhaps, is a legitimate means to reaching their goals. While perhaps not planned by Arafat, these bombings seem at the least condoned. While the Palestenian people certainly should be treated with compassion, they have no greater right to such than the Israeli people being killed in these attacks.

"Most" wrote:

I`d say that one of the main reasons why there isnt peace between Palestine and Israel is Israel`s revenge tactics. It has become real hard to tell which was the first now : chicken or the egg.

I mean, Israel tactics make sure that there are always new recruits to suicide bombers. New suicide bombings make sure that Israel keeps to its tactics. The bright minds of those English who promised one speck of land (and unfortunatly, of religious importancE) to two nations (one of which wasnt nation at a time and other which ceased to be a nation after a time) should be castrated.

One of them should be wise and stop. IMHO Israel should be more motivated, but then again, it has been quite dedicated to shorten its border while expanding its territory over the last decades, that it seems that their priorities lay in territories not ceasefire.

Having said all that, I have absolutely nothing against Jews. in fact, most of Jews I`ve encountered have been very pleasant to communicate and intelligent.

As a Jew, I speak for all Jews of the world when I say you couldn''t have been more insulting.

No, not really, but now that I have your attention.

The problem per say, isn''t that Israel is continuing the problem by fighting back (which is their right btw, every single piece of the occupied lands were taken in war after being attacked for the sole reason of existing as a country.) the problem is trying to find some middle ground that can make everyone happy and feel secure.

Look, the Kenset is made up of over 20 political parties. These parties range in views from the extreme right to the extreme left. The differences between politcial parties here in the U.S is minor at best, but in Israel, its a major difference.

The public votes for a party, not a candidate. How many votes each party gets, determines the number of representives each party will get in the Kenset. So you litteraly can have a majority of doves (land for peace) a few hawks, a few legalize pot at all costs, and so on....

The trick is finding that balance that makes everyone happy. Yassar Arifat (sp) was the worse thing for the peace process. He was offered land and independance and walked away from it. He''s tied to the rest of the middle east, which by the way, is only now begining to suggest that Israel ''could'' be ''allowed'' to exist as a state.

The sole reason Israel is still around is due to their military (and U.S backing of course, but if you want, you can blame the U.S backing on the powerhouse Zionist lobbying). The entire history of Israel is to exist in peace, but if provoked, lay the all mighty smack down on you. I dare say, if they weren''t hated by everyone surronding them, that giving up some land wouldn''t be an issue. They''ve tried to bargin in good faith, in fact still are trying, yet will not allow any attack on them to go unpunished.

I''m biased, of course. But history (overall) bears out the fact that Israel is only agressive when put on the defensive, when their existance is at stake. They are the ''good guys'' in the middle east, and by that I mean, most resemble us.

There was a situation a few years back when after an attack, the Israeli red cross went in to help. The responce was the people in need wouldn''t take Jew blood to help them live. As a result, Israel went to Syria to transport muslim blood instead.

I''m biased like I said, but I''m also open minded enough to talk about this without getting offended. So don''t feel the need to handle me with kid gloves.[/i]

Kind of hard for the Palestinians to end terrorism when Israel repeatedly blows up their police and security stations after every bombing.

"Rat Boy" wrote:

Kind of hard for the Palestinians to end terrorism when Israel repeatedly blows up their police and security stations after every bombing.

Right, and Israel wouldn''t retailate if there weren''t any terrorism threat. We can go round and round all day like this if you want, but the issue isn''t the catch-22 so I don''t see the need to go down this road.

Attack the terrorists. How hard is that? Instead of buldozing Arafat''s office, why don''t they send commandoes to take out a Hammas or Islamic Jihad leader?

"Rat Boy" wrote:

Kind of hard for the Palestinians to end terrorism when Israel repeatedly blows up their police and security stations after every bombing.

The PLO has more ''security'' people per capita than any other country. After the new PM was sworn in, terrorist RUINED the chance for peace by killing people. Where is the UN to condem the PLO for sponser terrorist? Oh, that''s right the U.N. doesn''t care.

Israel needs to get off the settlements but I find it hard to root for the PLO when they sponser terrorist.

Then why is the US insisting that Israel must deal with the PLO instead of offering to help the Israelis wipe them off the face of the Earth? Isn''t it hypocritical for the US to demand that their ally negotiate with ""terrorists"" when the US says ""we will not negotiate with terrorists""?

Mideast ''Road Map'' Launched Amid New Violence

Washington Post (my own underlining)
By Matt Spetalnick
Wednesday, April 30, 2003; 10:50 AM

JERUSALEM - International mediators launched a U.S.-led Middle East peace initiative on Wednesday, undeterred by a Palestinian suicide bombing that killed three Israelis in a crowded Tel Aviv nightclub.

But Hamas, one of the militant groups behind the attack, quickly rejected the ""road map"" aimed at ending 31 months of Israeli-Palestinian violence and vowed to keep up its campaign of bombings in defiance of the new Palestinian prime minister.

The explosion just hours earlier on the Tel Aviv beachfront raised questions about the revamped Palestinian government''s ability to rein in militants, a crucial demand set out in the long-delayed peace plan.

Though the road map marks Washington''s biggest push to revive peacemaking since Israel reoccupied most of the West Bank last summer, many analysts say it will be hard to overcome the sharp differences and deep distrust between the two sides.

Washington approved the release of the road map, which calls for the creation of a Palestinian state by 2005, shortly after Palestinians swore in new cabinet led by reformist Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, a leading moderate.

Dan Kurtzer, U.S. ambassador to Israel, presented a copy of the plan, hammered out by the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations, to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at his Jerusalem residence.

Other members of the international ""Quartet"" were due to deliver the plan to Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The flurry of diplomatic activity began shortly after the suicide bomber struck in Tel Aviv, killing himself and three Israelis and injuring 55 people.

The attack followed a vote by the Palestinian parliament on Tuesday night approving a new 24-member cabinet under Abbas, whose agenda for curbing attacks on Israelis had drawn angry opposition from militants.

Police said the bomber blew himself up after trying in vain to push past a security guard at ""Mike''s Place,"" a popular night spot next to the heavily guarded U.S. embassy.

Blood and body parts smeared the club''s shattered entrance. The bomber''s black coat was left dangling from beams over the door with a bloodied hand sticking out of one sleeve. An empty guitar case left by one of the club''s musicians lay nearby.

A woman who was in a pub next door described a scene of horror and panic. ""I saw people running away in flames, some without skin. It was shocking,"" she told Israeli television.

Paving the way for unveiling the road map, Abbas -- appointed by Yasser Arafat under international pressure to cede some powers -- took the oath of office as he stood in front of the Palestinian president in his Ramallah compound.

But hammering home the formidable challenge Abbas faces, the Islamic group Hamas and an armed offshoot of Arafat''s Fatah faction jointly claimed responsibility for the Tel Aviv attack.

""The road map is a plan to liquidate the Palestinian cause...It is rejected by us,"" Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin told Reuters in Gaza.

The United States, eager to quell Arab anger over the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, condemned the bombing but said it would not scuttle what is expected to be the Bush administration''s most intense attempt at Middle East peacemaking.

President Bush had pledged to unveil the road map as soon as Abbas was confirmed in office. ""This is a priority for the president, and he is committed to it,"" a White House spokesman said earlier.

Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said: ""We condemn any attack that targets Israeli or Palestinian civilians.""

Israel said the violence intensified the pressure on the revamped Palestinian leadership to make good on promises to rein in militants, who Abbas said had created ""armed chaos"" damaging Palestinian hopes of winning international blessing for a state.

Sharon''s right-wing government has ruled out moves toward a Palestinian state without an end to attacks by militants.

The road map envisages a Palestinian state by 2005 after confidence-building measures by both sides. The sequenced plan initially calls for a Palestinian crackdown on militants and Israeli measures to ease hardships on Palestinians.

At least 2,016 Palestinians and 737 Israelis have been killed in the two-and-a-half years of conflict

hmm...I hope I`m not misunderstood here. Palestinian militant groups are ""phe, boo-boo"" and so on. There`s no doubt of it. But I see situation like this - There is the big guy, uncle, the legitimate country Israel. And there is kid. Little, angry kid who has actually suffered the unfairness time ago. Now, it would be wise for both of them to settle down and find some middle ground. True. In my opinion, the one who SHOULD start it, act wise and nanny, is big uncle. Palestinians are in trouble. Militants are dictating the rules. I seriously doubt that average palestinians like them very much. However, militia get fresh blood injections (recruits) every day. Why? Because some tank just buldozed over some guys mother, sister and bride. He has nothing left than anger.

I refuse to look at it from bird-perspective, because it is not what makes history. History is made by angry people. That is why history has been one blood bath all the way long. My 2 cents, of course.

Lets face the facts. There is huge amount of active-age males in Palestine (say 19-25-years). Most of them are job-less. This has been enough in history for lots of revolutions, blood-sheds and so on. More than that - they are under constant pressure. People they know are dieing all around. Now answer me - WHAT WILL THOSE YOUNG MALES DO? Talk about roadmap to peace? Give me a break. They will fight. Its East, dammit, it`s where revenge is one of the virtues.

I hope you answered to first question. Now, time for second: WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT? You cant slap angry AND stubborn kid, it will get just worse. I say - GET THEM JOBS. Get economy running. Humanitarian help is not enough - they`re still jobless and most likely will use funds to buy new shiny guns. They have to have a reason for settling down. They dont have an american dream: house, wife, dog and five smiling kids on photo. Houses get buldozed, wives get killed, kids dont have a chance. I say, Israel should cease fire (in spite of suicide bombers who WILL continue), revive economy. It might take couple of years, but one morning, when the young not-angry-anymore guy will go to work and will see suspicous guys in the yard tinkering with grenade, he will call cops. and cops will react, because they will have family, their life is good and they will understand that they dont need no blood bath. They have a taste of peacful life and want more of it.

It is impossible to say to Palestinian authorities to hung martyrs now. They will be hung themselves by simple folk. Because for simple folk bombers are heroes who avenge their darlings, their houses, their everything. Until they dont have it all, they`ll be just angry, stubborn kids.

Geez, what a word-fall...