Vi va Sin City!

Las Vegas! Is there any better playground in the world? Any better indication of vulgar yet proud, tacky yet beautiful, sinful yet ....ummmm, not as sinful place in the world?

I'm not even talking about the gambling per say. When I go with my wife, our goal is to at least break even, or lose enough to justify all the free drinking. No, my friends, I'm talking about the sheer tacky explosion of wealth displayed. Lakes in the middle of the desert. Thousands of pounds fresh meats and fish sent in every day. City blocks filled with huge and towering buildings that cost millions. The lights! It costs the Luxor around $25,000 an hour to keep that top spotlight lit. You can see it from the moon (supposedly).

Everything is huge. Not big but huge. You can have a great time being very cheap, or spending top dollar. And of course, anything (for a price) is available no matter how twisted or pure you are.

So, I present to you (and ask you to toss in your own) my favorites (and note that I'll use 'one of my favorites' when needed since its nearly impossible to pick just one):

One of my favorite resturants: Its a Brazilian one in the Mirage, I think. Best thing is, they give you this thing with one top red, and the other green. Turn it to green for more food, turn it over to red, to keep them from giving you more. Food, of course, is great.

Best place to gamble: Any of them downtown. You're a sucker when you play on the strip, but downtown you at least can find $1 blackjack and looser slots. For some reason, I've had really good luck at the airport. (Slot machines in an airport? God bless you Vegas)

Best Show: O and most of the time, whoever is playing at the comedy clubs (Rat Pack is back, was a great show, too)

Best Club: Not a clubber per say but the one at the Mirage made me feel like a 'made man' (cost more though )

Best Vegas 'Cheese': I dunno, but I still love the Rat Pack and Elvis thing. If I can see Fat Elvis do an afternoon show, I'm happy.

Ack, so much more to add, but it looks like I got some quick work to do, be back soon......

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Ah, Yomm... You''ve hit a soft spot with me. I love Vegas. It''s my favorite place on Earth.

I agree with you on how everything is just big. It seems to acknowledge and embrace it''s sleaziness and cheesiness. I love reveling in all of it while I''m there.

Actually, on the Strip, you can find some affordable gaming at the Sahara and Casino Royale. The Sahara had tons of $1 blackjack tables, and IIRC Casino Royale had $2 blackjack and $1 craps. I actually got to play $2 craps at the Monte Carlo after a lesson, too.

Now, on to my favorites...

Favorite place to eat: Krispy Kreme! We don''t have one up here in Oregon, so it''s a special treat while we''re down there. We also had a great experience at Treasure Island''s Buccaneer Bay restaraunt when were there. Expensive, but we were comped

Favorite buffet: Aladdin''s Spice Market buffet is really good. Mirage''s is overrated.

Favorite place to gamble: I''m not that picky, but the 4 Queens and Binion''s Horseshoe were alot of fun to play in, though a table I was playing at had a distasteful exchange with a pit boss at the Queens. Drink service was good, and the dealers were fun, fun, fun.

Best Vegas cheese: Getting a picture taken of you slapping the rumps of the Crazy Girls statue at the Riviera

Ah, man, it''s time for another vacation. I''d really rather be sitting at the blackjack felt with a cigar and a Captain ''n Coke right now...

We didn''t do much gambling. We did a minor bit of gambling, but we knew we had to save money to prepare for Elysium''s future career in the coffee industry. So we went for the shows, and enjoyed the many restaurants.

Favorite place to eat: we had a top-notch meal at a restaurant at the Mirage. I can''t remember the name, but it had a Polynesian theme to the decoration (grass huts & palm trees), and it was in the middle of the casino floor. I had Chilean sea bass - heavenly. Dinner only cost $6,000,000,000,000. Wonderful service, too. Really bad house band.
We also enjoyed the buffet at the Bellagio a lot. I ate way too many crab legs...

Favorite show: We couldn''t get tickets to O, so we saw Mystere. It was amazing. I hear O is better, but Mystere was as wonderful as I hoped for it to be. Cirque du Soleil is an incredible concept.
The Blue Man Group was a close second - they were hilarious! I didn''t know what to expect, and when they hand out earplugs and paper streamers - ""please decorate yourself with this paper"" - it makes you wonder what the hell you''ve gotten yourelf into. It was delightful. I highly recommend that show. A word of advice - accept the earplugs, you''ll need them.

Favorite Vegas Cheese: Siegfried & Roy. That''s right - Elysium and I sat through that tired, threadbare performance. We did get to see the new baby tiger - it was his first night in the show. Other than that, it was ludicrous. We enjoyed it in the way you can enjoy an awful B movie if you''re in the right frame of mind. And can I just say that Roy certainly thinks a lot if himself! Every costume he wore had a codpiece the size of a Volkswagen.

Very favorite thing about our trip to Vegas: We stayed at the Paris, across the street from the Bellagio. We could see the fountain perfectly from our room window, so we got to watch many of the fountain shows from the comfort of an air-conditioned room with room service. I love that fountain, and I sure love air conditioning. It was 112 degrees on our first afternoon there! A tip - don''t go at the end of July/beginning of August.

One other note: The Paris had a Japanese TV channel. There was one night where we were up at 3 a.m. (you lose all sense of time in those casinos), and found ourselves owlishly watching a top 20 Japanese pop music video countdown show. Strangely, this was a lot of fun. I wonder why, since we couldn''t understand a word?

"Elysia" wrote:

We didn''t do much gambling. We did a minor bit of gambling, but we knew we had to save money to prepare for Elysium''s future career in the coffee industry.

A barrista''s job may be rewarding, but you don''t do it for the money.

Another great thing about the excess of Vegas (thx Elysia):

The Air conditioning!

I mean you''re in a freaking desert, yet many a casion on the strip have their doors wide open blasting refreshing/inviting air! Its a million plus outside, yet these guys are saying, ""hey, we really want to waste some money, and why not let you enjoy a radius of 4 feet worth of cool air outside"".

You get euphoric too for free. They pump pure oxygen in the casinos. That is what helps you stay up all night.

Heh, funny thing is a long time ago, my friends and I stayed up till 6 am trying to finish the arcade game ""Knights of the Round"". So much for them making us gamble all night =P

Yes, I''m old. I was over 21 when ""Knights of the Round"" was new in the arcades.