Whats a few mil between friends?

To sumarize:

In Iraq, some army inspectors were dealing with a tree, when they noticed that a building's wall seemed a bit out of whack. They took it apart and found containers worth millions in U.S. currency. They found another wall with several more million, and some submerged containers in the river worth millions.

Seems some of our boys found a Saddam stash and tried to put it away to come back for later.

I'm sure someone can find an article, so I may be missing a few facts.

edit: I forgot to add the Ratboy's patented instigating closure to invite discussion: "Guess it was all about money after all."

No, but even though you still can''t get a working ventilator in a Baghdad hospital, you can now get a barrel of crude oil in Basra. Now that''s priorities.

Too much of the film 3 Kings for those guys!