Battlestar Galactica mini-series script... up here at the official fan club site. Just finished reading up to the end of Act One and I frankly don't find anything wrong with it. It's in the spirit of the original and in some parts is superior to the original. Despite of how highly I think of this, I don't think Sci Fi will greenlight a full series out of this; they cancelled Farscape for costing too much and that was less ambitious than BG.

All right, shoot me for being a blasphemer, but I liked it! The only thing I have a concern about is the android Cylons (which bring back bad memories of Galactica 1980) but other than that I thought it was enjoyable. It reads better than most episodes of Enterprise.

I once vomitted on a ninth grade essay about Marxist images in the poetry of Ezra Pound. Even afterward, it read better than an Enterprise script.

All right, I''ll amend it. It reads better than half of the episodes of the original Galactica.