\"Eye Catching\" banner ads

If you're like me, you surf the internet. Every once in a while you'll notice a banner ad that attracts your attention, but lately there's been a series of ads that are literally nothing but T & A that distracts you so much that you can barely pay attention to the actual page you're viewing. If you've been at say Blue's News, Dark Horizons, and even Trek Today of all places, you'll know what I'm talking about. Here's the question: is this poor taste, especially given some of the sites posting the ads? And would the "product" in question be getting that much attention unless they had such an "all-encompassing" ad campaign?

I can''t stand the ads, personally. First of all they make it very difficult for me to surf my game news at work. Besides that, though, I''m a little disappointed that the sites would continue to allow the advertisements. They don''t seem to differ very much from your tamer sex site ads, and they have absolutely nothing to do with gaming. I shrugged off the DOAX and other T&A ads since they were at least advertising games. But you''re right, RB, these go a little far for my taste. There''s easy enough access to stuff like that if I was interested. But there''s a reason I''m going to a game site and not a swimwear site.

If people would target advertisements like Penny Arcade does, it would be much more effective. Even custom advertisements for your site to fit in with your theme is an excellent idea. You''d get much happier customers that way, and a much higher clickthrough ratio.

I agree. If I want to see boobies on the internet, it''s easy enough to find them. A gaming or movie webpage is not the place, definitely.

One time I was helping a female friend use the internet (it was yahoo back then). She was a fan of high fantasy, so she naturally searched for that term. I had to spend the next half hour explaining to her why nothing but porn webpages had shown up...

I''m tired of porn being thrown at me in the unlikeliest of places. I''m all for that "".xxx"" domain extension.

Still, you have to admit that those ads selling that min-video cam (the X something or other?) thats touting the home-security issues, yet always manges to pan across some sweet lil'' thang, is amusing. I like their selling points:

""Home security!""
""Child safety!""
and my favorite...""Use your imagination!"" *cough* porn *cough*

Ah ha! Now the new ones are part of a contest where one of the prizes is...*drumroll*...DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball! Wow, who could''ve saw that coming?